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About Us

At Ingeni Health, we craft a wide variety of premium, affordable, and 100% natural CBD products that can be easily incorporated into your daily wellness regime. We strive to raise awareness and empower people with the knowledge and tools to resolve challenges with Anxiety & Stress, Inflammation & Pain, Sleep and Libido, and more so they become the best version of themselves.

How Does CBD Work?

Discovered in the 1940s by Dr. Roger Adams’ team at the University of Illinois, CBD, short form for Cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound extracted from the hemp plant. It has been used as a natural remedy for nearly thousands and thousands of years.

There is a misconception about CBD that it gets you high; however, it interacts in your body through the Endocannabinoid system (ECS) that plays a significant role in improving everyday bodily functions such as mood, sleep, memory, appetite, and digestion.

When the body utilizes cannabinoids, it assists in regulating the endocannabinoid system by binding with receptors CB1 and CB2; and enhances the body’s overall balance and functioning. While this system is in balance, it not only works very effectively to calm your nervous system, but it also works hard to regulate many other processes that go on regularly in your body. That is why, when it comes to consuming CBD, a routine is key to its effectiveness.

Potential Benefits of CBD for You

Aches, (chronic) inflammations (internal & external), and pains.

Nausea and vomiting.

Different types of arthritis.

Cancer symptoms & treatment.

Anxiety, depression, ADHD, and more.

Chronic ailments/diseases.

Epilepsies & seizures.

Skin irritation/problems like acne.

Insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

Heart related

Certain neurological issues.

The Ingeni Brand Story

by Its Founder, CEO, & President Ian McNeill

“I strongly believe that mHealth, or Digital Health is the here-to-stay future in healthcare and personal well-being.” – Ian McNeill, CEO & President of the Ingeni group of companies.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic got me and my life partner, Tamara, to quickly realize that there was no better opportunity or time to launch the company we’d been planning on for a very long time – Ingeni Digital. With Ingeni Digital, our focus from the very beginning has been simple – to provide the most affordable, simple, and perfect (natural & technological) solutions to help individuals manage and improve their overall health and well-being.

“Ingeni” comes from the words “ingenious” or “ingenuity” which we believe is a great way to describe the very best in health and wellness.

Currently, Ingeni Digital is a technology-based health and wellness company providing the latest technological gear that enables individuals to track and manage various forms of their health and activity metrics so they can optimize their daily and long-term health and well-being.

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Curated Product Combinations

The Mind, Body, & Soul Bundle

Ingeni Health brings you our very own vitamin B6-infused Melatonin
tablets, Ingeni CBD Capsules, and Ingeni Organic Full Spectrum CBD
Oil. Our specialized combination will naturally help your mind, body &
soul to regulate sleep, stress, and inflammation better.

The Sleep Bundle

This bundle of relaxation includes everything that you need to calm your
mind and relax it from stress. This sleep bundle is a combination of
melatonin and CBD oil to promote restful sleep. The package includes
Melatonin Tablets and Ingeni Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

The Humanimal Bundle

Our unique Humanimal Bundle of CBD products is exclusively designed
by keeping in mind your’s and your pet’s wellness. We know pets are no
less than family and they need equal care as we give to our kids. The
package includes Ingeni CBD Oil for Pets and Ingeni Organic Full
Spectrum CBD Oil for Humans.

The Calming Bundle

This full spectrum calming bundle of CBD products is aimed to provide
you with the best outcomes of your health. It is perfect to deal with your
sleepless nights and stressful situations. The package includes Ingeni
CBD Isolate Capsules and Ingeni Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil./

The Relief Bundle

Our exclusive relief CBD bundle aims to help relieve pain, anxiety and
inflammation and related health issues. This bundle is easy to carry on
the go for quick relief. The package includes Ingeni Organic Hemp-
infused Salve and Ingeni Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

The Beauty Bundle

We have curated a perfect combination of beauty products that aim at
soothing your skin and help make it flawless with regular usage. The
package includes Ingeni Organic Full Spectrum Hemp-infused Lotion
and Ingeni Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil.


The Immunity Bundle

This immunity bundle is the best way to boost your immune system at an
affordable price. This package includes Immune Shield Capsules and
Ingeni Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil.


The Ingeni Guarantee

100% USDA Certified Organic Products

Premium Hemp Extracts Only

Natural, Effective, & Easy to Use Products

Entire Family (Including Pet) Friendly

100% Water-Soluble CBD Crystals

All Products Are Double-Tested for Consistency & Quality

Full Ingredient List & Lab Reports Provided with Every Purchase

100% USA Grown & Created Products

Cruelty Free & Environment Friendly Products


I am more relaxed than before

“My job as a data analyst is very stressful. I spend hours each day looking at spreadsheets, numbers, and other variables. One of my friends from work suggested me to try CBD to feel calmer and more relaxed. I cannot thank Ingeni Health enough for their amazing CBD capsules that have changed my life and made me a lot more content and productive. Thank you!”

John F.

My mom can walk easily

“I ordered Ingeni Health’s CBD Salve to help my mom with arthritic pain in her knees. Only a week since using the CBD Salve, she experiences much less pain in her knees. Thank you so much for this. I’m never going to stop ordering.”

Daisy M.

I can workout painlessly

“I tried Ingeni Health’s CBD Oil to reduce the soreness in my arms and feet after workouts. And, Voila! It works so well.”

Robert B.

Better Sleep Now

“I suffer from acute insomnia. It has always been very difficult for me to fall asleep until I started taking Ingeni Health’s natural Melatonin tablets. It’s been over a month now and I have to say, my overall sleep quality has dramatically improved.”

Olive P.

Amazing Product

“Among all the CBD oils that I have tried till date, I find Ingeni Organic CBD Oil much better and beneficial than the rest. Thank you and kudos!”

Bob P.


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CBD has been at the center in this current age of re-progressing back to more natural and sustainable practices of achieving better healthcare & health. And rightfully so because at any given time during our history, cannabis has played a vital role in improving the well-being of the earth’s inhabitants, albeit silently for most parts.

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The Ingeni Pledge

We strive daily to raise awareness and educate about some of the best-kept health secrets found throughout nature. However, we are also well aware of the fast-paced lifestyle this technologically advanced world demands to survive or thrive.

We aim to collate the best elements of nature and technology to provide you with the means & tools to bringing more balance, happiness, health, and wellness into your life.

Our resources and tools currently include informative content, a wide range of fully natural and organic CBD products, our very own mHealth solution including an activity tracker, a smart water bottle, and a mobile wellness application with Enterprise Portal, wellness insights, with more on the way.