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Ingeni Wellness Solutions for
Business to Business & Employer Partnerships

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Why Partner with Ingeni


Ingeni is focused on encouraging healthy living and Preventing &
Reversing Metabolic Diseases enhancing Quality of Life.


33% of Adults are Pre-Diabetic, 10% have Diabetes. 50% of seniors are at risk of some form of Diabetes


More than 45% of Adults have Hypertension “High Blood Pressure” or Cardiovascular disease


Valuable insights, for proactive health conscious individuals and families monitoring their loved ones health and wellbeing.

Prediabetes or Diabetes is a normal A1C level is below 5.7%, a level of 5.7% to 6.4% indicates
prediabetes, and a level of 6.5% or more indicates diabetes.


Health Wearable & App


Diet App & Digital Scale


Diet Plan with Grocery Delivery

Clients and Employees reach health goals with Ingeni smart wearables, diet & nutrition
mobile apps with groceries delivered same day to your doorstep

Ingeni 4-step plan

Prevent & Reverse Metabolic Disease

Working with our partners “B2BC” to provide affordable subscription-based wellness and nutrition solutions empowering clients, families, and employees to become health aware, form new habits, and reach health goals.
Our easy-to-use wellness program consists of smart wearables, health monitoring, fitness, nutrition, and diet mobile applications with same-day grocery delivery.

Step 1


How’s your health

State of the art Ingeni wearable technology.

Personalized Monitoring of key health vitals including:

  • Heart Rate,
  • Resting & Average Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Blood Pressure
  • Sleep
  • Stress,
  • Blood Oxygen,
  • Body Temperature

Step 2

Analytics & AI

Learn about issues you need to address

Real-time monitoring with dashboards and easy to use app

Health Data Trending

Notifications and alerts

Family members & peers can have access to health data

Valuable precursors to pre-diabetes and cardiovascular issues

Personalized Monitoring of key health vitals including:

Step 3

The Tools

to Succeed

Activity & exercise monitoring

Stress management

Sleep monitoring

Smart Diet and Grocery Delivery

Customized diets

Meal plans

1.7 million recipes

Shopping lists and more

Step 4


Improved Health & Wellness

Weight Management

Reduced stress and Anxiety

Improved sleep

Reversal of:




Cardiovascular Health Issues

Sleep Disorders


Ingeni SEA Wellness Program Sensors, Evidence-Based, using Algorithms for
awareness of Metabolic Health.

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Ingeni Target Audience

Primary Prevention & Reversal Concerns


1 in 4 adults
1 in 5 youth low levels of


More than two-thirds
of Adults overweight
1 in 4 Youth are Overweight


More than 30% of
people have sleep


More than 22% people face
anxiety & depression

Estimated approximately 40% of the US population would have Cardiovascular Disease “CVD” by 2030, which would result in a triple increase in the total costs of CVD from US$445B to US$1.094T.

International Diabetes Federation projects an increase in Prevalence of Pre-Diabetes to 471 million
Globally by 2035.

Pre-Diabetes harms your heart the same way that Diabetes does .

The CDC reported the highest rates of adolescent sadness to-date, and youth struggles with anxiety, stress, depression, loneliness & suicide have risen .

Ingeni Supporting Active Adults 55 plus

Facilitating independent living for seniors. Enabling seniors to perform activities of daily living
independently and with dignity. A way for families to monitor their loved one's health and wellbeing.