Ingeni health

Voice AI connected (like Alexa) with video & voice calling to family, friends, & health providers.

Music playlists for pleasure and memory activation.

Beacons, IOT & Bluetooth provides extra security & features “Safe @Home for Seniors.

Shared daily schedule & reminders for appointments and medication, taking blood pressure & glucose & being more active .

Ingeni Google what is today's weather and get a voice response back with full access to Google Search.

Ingeni @ Home Connected Health Devices

Ingeni Health Wearable

Body Fat Scale

Blood Pressure Monitor with Cuff

Blood Glucose Meter

Ingeni Health Speaker

Designed just for Seniors

  • Stay Connected with easy video & voice calling @HOME
  • Stay independent & active at home & on the go
  • Enjoy your music, build play lists or have a family member create a play list using our connected mobile apps
  • Receive photos & video from loved ones with albums that can be played like a on screen photo album.
  • Get reminders for appointments, medications, & taking blood pressure, blood glucose levels.
  • Receive easy to understand Health Reports
  • Easy to use, multiple times a day


  • Bright 10-inch screen
  • Enhanced sound
  • Both touch and voice activated
  • Large buttons and text
  • No passwords
  • No robocalls or scams
  • Customer support
  • Automatic connection to Ingeni@HOME devices

Ingeni Tells Your Story

  • Collect and share memories and experiences through stories and photos.
  • Digitize family history for future generations.
  • Reconnect with family and friends.
  • Get social.

Peace of mind for
Families and Friends

Ability to communicate easily and remotely monitor the health and safety of loved ones.

  • Setup loved one's contacts, health goals, create reminders.
  • Easily share photos & videos with loved ones.
  • Access based on permissions to loved one's health information & appointments & medication schedule.
  • GPS Location with GPS Fence. With notification of leaving home & on their return
  • Receive distress alert in emergency situations.
  • Health trending reports that show declines & improvements over time

Peace of Mind 24/7

Audio & Video calling Schedules, Alerts Photo and music sharing Beacons-Ingeni Safe@HOME Ingeni Google
Ingeni APP and Website
Video Audio Calls, Share music and photos Help Monitor and manage health and schedules
Integrated device
GPS Location Tracking Geo Fencing Emergency Alert Monitoring health and wellness

Ingeni On the Go!

4G Health and Safety Wearable

Ingeni IOT 4G & Bluetooth Wearables

Stay safe on the go with GPS location notifications using Global IOT always connected wearables.

GPS Notifications to Trusted Stakholders

Monitor Important Health Vitals & Activity

24/7 One Button Communication & Alerts

Protect the Most Vulnerable

Ingeni working with our partners providing Seniors & Persons with Disabilities the ability to be safe at home and on the Go

Ingeni 4G Wearables

(Always Connected to Ingeni AWS Backoffice)

Ingeni website and Mobile apps
for family, friends & caregivers

Manage, & review @home for seniors

Health Report

GPS Location

Sleep Reports



Co-manage & access, schedules, communication, health data, safety & entertainment features.

Ingeni smart easy personalization

Family, Friends & Homecare get Connected

Family and friends can remotely personalize and manage the Ingeni settings for your loved one. Easy three step process

Step 1

  • Easy online ordering
  • Select multiple products
  • Download Ingeni @Home companion app & complete personalization of loved one
  • Branding for B2B partners

B2B partnercan support customers online as well as Partner Portal managing devices & Users

Step 2

  • Using Companion app and online website, complete customization
  • Add friends and family
  • Create playlists
  • Create Photo albums
  • Welcome Notification sent to friends & family “Nora is getting Ingeni @Home download Ingeni companion app”

Step 3

  • Seniors open contents
  • Connected using 4G ready to ass Wi-Fi from companion app
  • Family & friends receive notification
  • All devices ready to use
  • Start receiving health insight, sleep, steps, heart rate & more.

Stress and hassle free! Just Open the box and start using ingeni@home immediately!

Seniors Aging is Complex for multiple Stakeholders

Care Givers

Complete management schedule visits with seniors, access day to day health & wellness

Mobile Apps

Stakeholders mange seniors experience with Ingeni @Home and connected devices, receive notifications and alerts.


Isolation, needs easy access to stay InTouch with stakeholders, manage all day-to-day appointments and health reminders.

Family & Friends

Stay connected & GPS notifications of loved ones location with distress alert,

2022 US Senior (56MM)