8 Severe Effects of Physical Inactivity

Smoking, alcoholism, driving drunk are some of the most common thought risky activities. But do you know, not doing any physical activity poses equally dangerous health risks? Our today’s blog will manifest a few of the severe health risks that being into a sedentary lifestyle could bring.

What could physical inactivity do to your body?

People are now spending more time in front of screens like for a job or entertainment than doing any physical activity. Such ignorance towards health could usher in severe health risks:

  • Lack of Sleep
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cardiovascular Problems
  • Weakened Bones
  • Loss of Memory
  • Risk of Diabetes
  • Knees and Joints Pain
  • Depression and Low Confidence

You may notice disturbed to lack of sleep

you may notice disturbed sleep

Lack of physical activity could impact your sleep pattern. From little to no sleep could devastate your health. Suppose you find that you cannot sleep soundly regularly. In that case, you are at high risk for getting cardiovascular health issues, diabetes, obesity, frequent changes in your behaviour, poor immunity, and even get prone to accidents. Therefore, getting poor sleep could prove life-threatening.

You may be at risk of developing high blood pressure

you may be at risk of developing high blood pressure

Your risk of having high blood pressure increases with age. Regular physical activity can help an individual maintain blood pressure. It helps in strengthening your heart muscles, and your heart can pump blood with less effort. When your heart does not have to put much effort into pumping the blood, your blood pressure is regulated.

You become prone to heart issues

you may be prone to heart issues

Just like any other muscle in the body, our heart muscles need strength. A regular workout improves the efficiency of the heart and helps to pump the blood through the small veins that could store access fatty tissues and cause blockage. Besides, lack of physical activity could raise cholesterol levels that may lead to stroke or heart failure.

You may get prone to injury

You may be prone to injury

Inactivity could make you prone to injury as it reduces the strength of bones. With ageing comes body weaknesses and makes you indulge in taking certain medications. These could pose a threat to your health. Your bones may become weaker and fragile with each passing day and could lead you to osteoporosis.

You may notice a decline in your memory

decline in memory

Not giving your body enough exercise can reduce your memory and impair your cognitive skills. Studies have shown that exercising improves the blood flow in the brain and hones your mental sharpness. According to Dr. Vernon Williams, working out regularly can increase the size of the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for storage and learning.

You may get prone to diabetes or fluctuating sugar levels

you may be prone to diabetes

Little to no exercise could impair control of your blood sugar levels. In a case study, scientists from the United States found that people who did not participate actively in workout activities were more prone to chronic health conditions like diabetes, fatty liver, etcetera. The effect of physical activity on your blood sugar levels depends on the duration and intensity of the exercise. Keep a check on your sugar levels before and after exercise to know the difference. Exercises like aerobic, resistance training are said to be effective in controlling blood sugar levels.

Your knees and joints may weaken

your knees and joints weaken

The joints in the body help our muscles to move and stretch as required while performing different physical activities. Lack of exercise and physical activity can cause stiffness to the joints and deteriorate body posture. If you sit for longer than required, you may notice that your quadriceps become tight, creating a pulling and heavy sensation on your knees. Thus, it makes it difficult for you to stand and walk. Such limitations in the activity of the body could lead to arthritis and other severe joint issues.

You may feel depressed and low-esteemed

You may be depressed

We all dealing with depression in one or another way. But do you know if you do not make any physical effort, you may end up going into stress and depression? Exercising helps release feel-good hormones like endorphins and serotonin in the body and takes your mind off the worries. Other psychological benefits of exercise include boosting confidence, better social interaction, and more focus than before.

What can you do to stay physically active?

There are a lot of ways to introduce a regular fitness habit in your life. Aerobic exercise like walking, swimming, jogging can be beneficial in maintaining overall health. You are recommended to work out for at least 150 minutes every week and aim for at least 30 minutes of exercising in a day.

Other ways that you can adapt to keep healthy and active are:

Group Fitness: You can try a workout session with your friends or family. If you cannot meet them, you can try holding a virtual fitness session with them. This will keep you motivated to never skip exercise.

On-spot Jogging: If you are not a social person, you can try on-spot jogging. That’s how you do not have to leave your home to get fit. Try to do this exercise for at least 30 minutes daily. You can notice a difference in your body in few days if you practice it regularly.

Try replacing your home items for gym equipment: If you have a hectic schedule or are not a gym person, you can work out at home without buying any equipment. You can use the below-listed home items and replace them for your workout equipment:

  • Light to Medium Dumbbells – A Gallon Jug of Milk
  • Heavy Dumbbells – Bags of Rice/Beans or Filled Water Bottles
  • Resistance Bands – Tied Pantyhose
  • Bench Press – Large Bags of Pets Food
  • Sliders – Paper Plates
  • Stairmaster – Regular Stairs

The Bottom Line

Different people have different body types. Some are born luckily with a thin body frame and a good metabolism that does not let the fat deposit on their body. They can eat whatever they want and hang on the couch all day without making any physical effort for body weight. However, it does not matter whether you are thin or fat; your body needs exercise for various reasons. We hope this blog gives you enough crucial information on why you should exercise. Let us know in the comments which is your reason behind exercising.

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