About Us

With Ingeni health, our focus from the very beginning has been simple – to provide the most affordable, simple, and perfect noninvasive health sensor solutions to help individuals and our partners manage and improve their overall health and well-being and develop healthier communities along the way.

Ingeni is a Health Technology wellness company providing the latest technological solutions that enable individuals to track and manage various forms of their health, safety, and activity metrics so they can optimize their daily and long-term health and well-being. To achieve these goals, we have rigorously innovated, and carefully crafted products fitted with some of the latest in modern healthcare technology.

All our products are geared to provide people with increased awareness and insights into their overall well-being. Accordingly, our lucrative and patented technology helps individuals track key metrics/signals related to their body, health, and daily habits to provide accurate health scores. Our state-of-the-art health wearables with 24/7 automatic monitoring of key health metrics allow users to take charge of their health. Their progress keeps us committed to enhancing ................. Good Health and Well-being.

We strongly believe that our modern approach provides all the necessary measures to achieve long-term health benefits and a much better quality of life.

We also place a high value on self-improvement through better education combined with accurate and regular personal insights. And so, our wellness application is designed to help you help yourself in the best possible way. With us, you can think about your goals through a broader lens, learn better from some of the best industry professionals, earn long-term rewards along the way, and much more.

Our focus is to empower you with the tools, information, and understanding you need to practice good health and improve your quality of life.


We are passionate about the incredible
health benefits of our products

We seek to raise awareness and inspire others to improve their quality of life naturally! We take great pride in our highest quality affordable health, and wellness products and are committed to making the world a healthier place.

Customer Benefits
Love Health Awareness Simplicity

– Heal yourself and awaken a new yourself

– Improved health contributes to a higher quality of life

– Benefit from safe, natural products for health and wellness

– A stress free, comfortable and productive health regiment

Our Commitment
Humanity Value Future Inspiration

– Providing products which prevent and alleviate human suffering

– Creating top quality, premium products at an affordable price for all

– Advocating for better health and wellbeing for future generations

–Inspiring healthier communities and better quality of life

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