All you need to know about Tantra

All you need to know about Tantra

Tantric Sex

The concept of Tantra originated in India thousands of years ago. The word Tantra stems from the religious texts heading towards spiritualism. Tantra is a Sanskrit word that means woven together.

It involves various practices like Worship and Ritual, Yoga, Mantra and Meditation, Mandalas and Yantras, and Sex and Eroticism. This blog is going to shed light on practicing the Tantra followed by sex and eroticism for leading a quality life. But before that let us first understand it from the scratch.

What exactly is Tantra? 

Tantra is a spiritual practice to bring together your mind and soul. This means that when you are practicing tantra, your mind acts as much as your body. In this modern world, Tantra is different from its ancient roots. Instead of just being spiritual, it is now being observed as a sexual practice and commonly referred to as NeoTantric or spiritual sex.

Tantric Sex is different from other types of intercourse. While all sex is about pleasure, tantric sex emphasizes pleasure while helping you reach a deeper state of awareness, transcendence, and intimacy.

How does Tantra/Tantric Sex benefit couples? 


Tantric sex or sexual yoga involves a wide array of erotic activities that involve subtle realms of sex including little to no movement, slow embraces, making love for hours. This type of sexual activity has its own benefits as listed below:

Helps in improving sexual health: Tantric sex is claimed to improve the sexual health of the couple involved in the sexual activity. It converts the arousal phase from a tension-filled and goal-oriented to a deliberately extended period of sensual pleasure.

Strengthens immune system: Tantric sex helps in better orgasm. Thus, it helps in alleviating depression which can prolong your lifespan and further strengthens the immune system.

Enhanced communication: Tantric sex helps in improving communication. A simple question to ask yourself, “have you ever told your partner about how you like to be touched or how you want to feel during intimacy? Tantric sex helps you open up with your partner and involve in sexual activity in a better way.

How to prepare for Tantric Sex? 

To be prepared for a Tantric Sex, a person or the couple must consider the below-mentioned tips:

Set your space – The environment in which you practice Tantric Sex has a major role to play. You should consider the temperature of the indoors like if it is too cold outside, set the temperature to a little cozy and warmer or if it is too hot outside, turn on the air conditioner to keep indoors cool but not chilled. Light a scented candle to make the room aromatic and pleasant. You can also play some soft and romantic music at a low volume to create a sexual vibe.

Prepare your body – Your body is the utmost point of contact with your sexual partner. You should practice yoga to get adapted to the versions of tantric sex. If you are not interested in yoga, you can choose any physical activity that can help you prepare your body, lifts the spirit, and gives you enjoyment.

Maintain hygiene – Hygiene is very important to maintain before involving in tantric sex. Before involving with your partner, you should brush your teeth to avoid a bad smell. You can also go for a bath – solo or together – to get rid of the tiredness of the day. You can give each other a nice shower massage that can help in getting into the mood.

How can Ingeni Health help you on this journey? 

Sexual wellness is very critical for any relationship. If you do not have much desire for intimacy or have low libido and face issues with arousal and suffer erectile dysfunction, it can put a long-lasting adverse impact on your relationship as well as your mind. Many reasons could lead to these health issues like bad eating habits, not getting enough sleep, depression, anxiety, or relationship problems.


Wrapping up, Tantra is a widely used term in different cultures but with westernization, it has evolved as a thing of sexuality and eroticism. Enjoy this slowly growing sexual form with your partner and build-up to the main event by spicing up your sex life.

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