As a parent, should I track my kid for health, sleep, physical activities and social behavior?


We all want to be the best parents, but it is always challenging. As technology has advanced so much, we want to keep our kids safe from online crimes. We can put parental locks or track their activities on social channels.

But as a parent, you must have observed unhealthy habits of your kids like not getting enough sleep, nutrition, physical activities and many more. These must-have worried you.

While kids are growing, they are in the learning stage. So, being a parent, it becomes your responsibility to lay down the foundation of good habits to help them gain healthy and quality life. To make this happen, it is important that as a parent, one should keep a check on their kids.

Why should parents monitor their kids?

Why should parents monitor kids

Monitoring your child becomes important for several reasons. As a kid, they are growing and come in contact with different people more than ever before. To keep your child safe, you should monitor your kids.

On average, an American teenager spends more than nine hours a day using entertainment modes like social media, television, mobile phones.

85-90% of child sexual abuse cases involve the perpetrators known to the child, like friends, family members.

What are the types of monitoring parents should do to their children?

Monitoring allows parents to keep track of their kids to find out how well they are doing in their lives. There are different types of monitoring that parents should do to their children:

Health tracking of your child:

Health tracking of your child

By tracking the health of your child, you can keep a check on his/her development. It is crucial to do during the growth years of the kids. It helps you understand your child’s nutritional needs and identify their physical, psychological, and emotional requirements. Therefore, you can provide your child with additional support and care if needed.

Tracking physical activities of your child: Physical activities are vital for young children as this help:

Benefits of Tracking a child's physical activities

As a parent, you should track the physical activities of your child to know how active is your kid in his/her day-to-day life as compared to the kids of the same age and gender. You can either create a manual tracker or use a fitness tracker app for your kid. This way, you can analyze their daily activities and compare data to find improvement in your child.

Tracking the sleep of your child:

Tracking the sleep of your child

In the growing years of your kid, it is of utmost importance to track the sleep of your kid. By tracking the sleep, you know how many hours of sleep your child takes each night. By tracking it with a fitness tracker app, you can receive useful data that can give you an insight into different phases of sleep of your child, like when he/she was in deep sleep or having dreams or how lack of sleep can impact your child.

Tracking your child’s social behaviors:

Track your child's social behavior

Kids learn from a young age. As soon as they begin an interaction, they develop knowledge of certain emotions. As a parent, you should monitor the social habits of your kid to know about their behavior in different circumstances:

Tracking your child's social behaviors

Tracking your child’s social activities:

Tracking your child's social activity

On average, a teen spends about eight hours a day surfing the internet. By tracking your kid’s social activities, you can protect them against:

Cyberbullying: This is a common crime these days. Kids who fall prey to such online activities suffer emotional distress and may get depressed. By keeping track of your kid’s online activities, you can protect them against bullying.

Online Predators: There are online child predators who are always on the hunt for kids to become friends. They may get trapped in wrong deeds.

Sharing their personal information: Unintentionally, children reveal more about themselves and share personal information that should be otherwise kept confidential. Hackers may use it against the children.

How can parents monitor their kids?

How can parents monitor their kids

It is best to monitor your kids from an early age. With this, you can teach a healthy lifestyle to your kids. The earlier you begin monitoring, the easier it will be to help them grow healthy. There are several ways to track your kids:

  • Know your child’s friends and parents: As a parent, you should save your child’s friend and his/her parent’s contact numbers. You can reach out to them to know about your child. For instance, if your child is not happy today and has just returned from his/her friend. You tried asking about the matter, but you do not get any information. You can check with them to know the reason.
  • Make a list of your child’s weekly activities: You can keep a check on your child’s health by planning weekly activities for him/her. By tracking such activities, you will know how healthy is your child. You can also inculcate healthy habits in your kid by staying up to date with them.
  • Meet his/her teacher: You are a working parent and do not have time to know about your kid’s educational performance, social behavior, physical activities; you should meet his/her teacher once a month or contact them on the phone.
  • Fitness Tracking App: By tracking kid’s health and activities on the fitness app, kids benefit in the following way:
  • Promotes Healthy Habits: One of the main benefits of a fitness tracker for kids is to promote healthy habits. When kids get to know the progress of their health and habits, they get motivated. Kids become more inclined towards playing physically than playing games online.
  • Spend Fun Time Together: If other family members also use the fitness app, they can engage in fun physical activities together. They can indulge in fun games like siblings against parents, siblings against one another, or a parent and a child. The winner will have to give a treat or a party.
  • Set Your Goals: With a fitness tracker, you can track your kid’s progress and help them set their fitness goals. Seeing one’s progress daily keeps one motivated to reach your goal.
  • Monitors Heart Rate: Fitness trackers give you the count of your heart rate essential to know one’s health.

The Bottom Line

Tracking kids has become increasingly necessary today. We live in a modern world of technology where kids spend more time on screen than playing outdoors. Such activities are harming their health. By tracking kids for various reasons, we can help them progress towards a healthy life.


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