Bad trip

A bad trip is a condition where an individual experiences a freighting and very unpleasant experience, and it may be due to psychoactive drugs such as magic mushrooms and LSD. A bad trip's features can be very unpleasant like, loss of identity, a feeling of terror, and ultimate entrapment. The Psychedelic specialists do not consider unpleasant behavior as threatening and works on resolving it. The bad trip's main reason can be a lack of proper environment, experience, and psychological tensions.  

A person experiencing a psychedelic crisis can be helped out with resolving the impasse or bypassing it. Medical treatments and therapies are also available to treat it by minimizing external stimuli. But in some cases, sedation is taken in use like in hyperthermia and to control self-destructive behavior. Some of the commonly used sedatives are Diazepam, lorazepam, and benzodiazepines. However, sedatives' use will only help out in reducing fear and anxiety but do not subdue hallucinations.  

According to Timothy Leary, an American psychologist wrong set and setting can be the main reason for the psychedelic crisis. She also advised that psychedelic users should be aware of the frequency of the drugs they are comfortable with. Stanislav Grof says that these difficult and painful trips can result from bad experiences associated with birth or imprisonment. 

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