Benefits of Grocery Delivery

Close to 30% of U.S. households
buy groceries online

The emergence of grocery delivery
services has benefited a variety of
people, including seniors living at home.


Healthier food at home

One recent study showed grocery delivery reduced the overall number of food items in the home, as well as access to high-fat food options. Without having to pass by aisles of tempting foods, participants also reported the delivery service led them to make healthier choices.

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Fewer impulse purchases

Participants in the same study reported that home grocery delivery service was easy to use and that it helped decrease impulse purchases. Good news if you tend to leave the store with way more than you budgeted for!

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Fresh food, fast

Empty fridge? Thanks to grocery delivery services, you can fill your fridge with fresh, healthy food in as little as one hour. Coming home to a delivery of fresh fruits, veggies, meats and cheeses and your usual pantry staples gives you far fewer excuses to turn to fast food after a fun-filled vacation or a crazy day at work.