10 Wacky Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home in 2021

10 Wacky Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home in 2021

The fun should always be quadrupled at home!

Valentine’s Day 2021 is approaching fast, and it’s time to get them creatives hats on and plan your gift(s).

So, what if the pandemic is still on? Love doesn’t ever need to take a break. Our ideas are maybe going to change, but as long as our hearts are in the game, for every lover, it’s all the same.

But, same, yes, but also different. This Valentine’s Day, you can bring home the celebration and take it easy or hard – because there are no compromises in love and its gestures.

Here are 10 unique Valentine’s Day ideas you can implement from the comfort of your home –

1. Rent a trampoline
Get in the cardio: tone your buttocks, hips, and other essential muscles. Get your happy and sexy juices flowing. Bounce! Bounce off each other! Bounce with each other! Take a break, together! Oh, and be safe and don’t fully exhaust yourself; this is just the warm-up (;


2. Throw an (inflatable) pool party

Why not? Crawl back the years. Inflate your pool. Fill in the warm water. Crawl back in the present, and jump right in. Just don’t jump too much—this one’s for the relaxation. But of course, you can splash water around *cough* on each other. 

3. Buy/Rent a funhouse
Oh yeah. Your partner wouldn’t ever guess this one. Not unless it fully comes to life. Quite a spectacle to just witness your partner’s reaction with this one. But more would be the fun from jumping around and playing grab-n-run!

4. Rent tanning beds or sunbeds
Listen up, folks, yes, tanning is about tanning, but it's also about fully surrendering to an atmosphere. Why shouldn’t it be done together? Especially when all the heat, sweat, and steam are all over? So, create your own sexy and sultry atmosphere and get red hot!

5. Throw a themed backyard party
This is what backyards are for, aren’t they? And this one is for all you backyard-sorting-procrastinators, get off your asses and make it happen. Think, really think of a theme. Take some help from family, friends, or online, and don’t hold back from creating the dreamiest, romantic, and most memorable setup.

6. Transform your house
Oh, you haven’t yet rearranged, cleaned, or redone your house yet? Perfect, do it this Valentine’s Day. Don’t think of it as spending this special day doing house things; instead, think of it as really moving into the future with the one you love. Bonds strengthen deeper when you do the bigger stuff for sure.

7. Cook something you’ve never cooked or eaten before
We’re guessing by now that you’ve spent enough time online to have heard about the aphrodisiac’s cookbook. If not, well, there are several cookbooks with unique recipes, including, of course, the best and most powerful aphrodisiacs there are. Yes, my friends, this Valentine’s Day is a time like no other to get started. We say the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach (and some other important muscles). Also, try some CBD Oil. Go hard, but also go natural.

8. Create your own game, and play it!
We’re talking anything from brand new renditions for card games, physical games like land-&-water, conventional games but with your rules, milder-but-wilder drinking games, roleplaying(!), other sexy games. But, as much as you can, try and create it yourself. It’s more fun and spontaneous that way.

9. Create a mural
Pick a wall in your house and just go for it. But first, get together and plan it out. Pick your best and most desirable imagery. If you think it’s too challenging, even better. And perhaps more fun. Oh, and don’t forget about the extra fun from getting dirtier-&-messier than ever from all those colors and paints.


10. Try some science
Let the volcanoes erupt! But also diversify; you’re older and wiser now (obviously, because you’ve made an effort to get this far – in life and this list). You can go as far as creating your own love potion at home. But, please do so safely. Let your love explode, not your house.

To Conclude

Explore your options. Don’t stop here. If our actual list can go on and on, so can you and yours. This Valentine’s Day (2021) is supposed to be extra special. It is the first one during the COVID-19 lockdown, after all. And, if you’re not going to show all the love you’ve got inside of you this time, well, life in a lockdown will just be the same. Don’t the same, be the change. At Himeros Desire, we especially crafted a wide variety of fully-organic CBD products like CBD Oil, Salve, and more to fully awaken the be(a)st within you through helping you fulfil your most natural desires in the sexiest of ways!