5 Unique Love Kit Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021

5 Unique Love Kit Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021

Considering everything awry going on in the world right now, the Himeros (God of desire) within all of us want what we’ve always needed the most – love.

Whether you believe in the ritualistic nature of celebrating valentine’s day or not, you simply cannot deny the essential nature of showing the love instead of only talking about it.

There may only be a few other better-known ways of showing the love than through the gifts! Whether agreed upon or not, everybody loves the gifts!

The whole process is so beautiful and satisfying, we simply cannot think of any person who wouldn’t love to either gift or be gifted.

So here are 5 unique love kit ideas you can gift your partner (or yourself) for Valentine’s Day – Choose all of the items or just some and make your own unique theme tailored kit for the one you love!


Healthy essential oils
Beauty (quartz) rollers
Skincare essential items
Bath salts – Who doesn’t love a relaxing bath?
Body and face scrubs
Pillow and/or a mattress – For the best beauty sleep, of course!
Fresh healthy fruits/vegetable mini-basket
(Dark) chocolates/candies/cookies/truffles mini-basket
Healthy drinks like kombucha
Healthy cooking essentials like olive oil and/or herbal flavours and spices
Healthy teas like chamomile and green tea
A yoga mat, resistance band, or a skipping rope
Healthy grains like muesli, granola, and oats
Plant-based or organic supplements
Health/Protein bars
CBD products like oil, topicals, tinctures, gummies, etc.
Melatonin – So your partner never misses a wink!


Red or white wine
Fruit-based or alcohol-based champagne
Macarons – Everyone loves macarons!
Bread, cakes, croissants, churros, pastries, and sandwiches
Exotic fruits like cherry, grapes, pineapple, and mango
CHEESE! – maybe try a variety you haven’t yet tried
Flavoured water
Coffee, tea, and kombucha
Bougainville, daffodils, roses, or any other good-smelling and decorative flowers
That rare cutlery you’ve been saving!
Scented candles
Books, card games, or board games
A (fancy) mat – Cause why not?
A picnic basket – Is any picnic complete without it?
And every other bit of picnic paraphernalia you can think of
Oh yeah, and a beautiful picnic spot! Cause that’s the whole idea


Fitness products like resistance bands, skipping ropes, or any other exercise equipment
Fitness class or gym vouchers
Adventure or sports apparel
Sports shoes or boots for a rocky adventure!
A stargazing trip
A bicycle
Adventure or sportsbooks and magazines
A compact and cute first-aid kit
A fishing rod or mini-kit
A hammock and/or tent set
Mountain climbing gear
A camera or a GoPro
An adventure/sports/travel backpack
Waterproof sports headphones/earphones or a Bluetooth speaker
Travel-friendly beauty, hygiene, and skincare products
A waterproof (sports) watch
CBD – Because you need the calm when you’re climbing mountains!
Passes for fun activities like adventure sports, dance, or other movement activities
Arrange for some form of volunteer work

Book a couple’s massage
A day at the spa
Beauty products for face, hair, skin, etc.
A coffee, espresso, or tea maker
A special customized cup
Apparel or shoe-wear
A customized makeup kit
A customized dental kit
Some yummy liquor
Your partner’s favorite chocolates/sweets
A jacket or a sweater
Paraphernalia for a special bath
A new mobile phone, tablet, or laptop
A lazy-boy!
Aromatic candles
A pillow or a comforter
Night clothes (including eye masks and body slippers) – Try getting them in silk (;
Self-massaging devices
A Kindle!
Specialized gift boxes from spas

Aromatic/Scented Candles
Flavoured massage oils – Try coconut or pineapple!
A special aphrodisiacs’ cookbook
Bracelets or naughty handcuffs
Adult card/board games
Sex toys – If either of you are into it!
A disco ball! – So, both of you can always get your groove on!
Specialized and flavoured lubricants
CBD – Cause libido, and to just improve your sexual wellness in general!
Sexy lingerie/underwear
Flavoured condoms
Herbal love potions
Champagne, liquor, or wine
Light bondage kit for the truly adventurous?
Beauty products for face, hair, skin, etc.
Exotic fruits like cherries, grapes, pineapples, strawberries, etc.
Aphrodisiacs like dark chocolate, figs, and oysters

To Conclude

We understand that everyone is not always a certain type of person but an assortment of different desires and traits. This time, think a bit harder. Go back in time and recollect all of those hidden messages your partner put out about what they wanted most. You already know the answers; it’s time to go out and procure what you can to show your love, your love!