6 Must Know effects of CBD on Pets

6 Must Know effects of CBD on Pets

CBD is beneficial to pets, but as we know, every coin has two sides, so does CBD usage have some minor side effects on the pets. Though these are not life-threatening, it is always good to know the adverse effects for managing them later if they arise. 

What should a pet owner know about CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid compound of cannabis and hemp plants. It is not a psychoactive compound like THC, which is found in Marijuana and makes one high. It has been touted for managing anxiety, arthritis, pain in joints, inflammation, seizures, appetite etcetera health conditions in animals. By bonding with the body's endocannabinoid system, CBD can help your pet's health stimulate and heal.

As a pet owner, you must know all possible CBD details, from benefits to side effects.

The Effects of CBD on pets

Dogs’ and humans’ bodies have almost similar reactions to CBD. Just like humans, animals like dogs also have to deal with the minor side effects of CBD. CBD products that are derived from the hemp plant are non-toxic, non-GMO, vegan friendly, and organic. Therefore, they do not pose any life-threatening risk to either of the species. However, there are few side effects of CBD:

1. Dry Mouth - One of the side-effects of consuming CBD is dry mouth. It reduces the production of saliva in the mouth of the consumer. Saliva helps the animals in multiple ways, from maintaining dental hygiene to digestion. Decreased saliva production could lead to the poor oral health of your furry friend. It can affect their teeth, gums and encourage breathing odor.

Solution - You can take care of it by making them drink more water and increase fluid intake. If you do not find much difference in the production of saliva, you may need to reduce the CBD dosage or stop it completely for few days. Keep a check on the saliva production of your pet, and once you notice it has improved, you can resume giving it the less CBD dosage as compared to what amount you used to give. If there are still any complications, you should seek advice from the veterinarian.

2. Vomiting - There have been reports that CBD in animals might cause vomiting. Observe your pet for few days after giving CBD to it to see whether it swallowed it or not. CBD is a little bitter in taste that makes it difficult for your pet to swallow or enjoy the taste. Your pet may vomit it out after consumption because of the bitter taste that it leaves behind.

Solution - You can try giving flavored CBD to your pet. While there are many flavored CBD products available for animals in the market, you have to be very selective in choosing the right taste for your pet so that it does not reject having it. If required, check with the vet also.

3. Diarrhea - CBD may lead to diarrhea in some cases. It is questionable as the signs can be of your pet’s bowel movements. It may also be caused due to the bad eating habits of your pet, like drinking unclean water or eating something that is not suitable for it.

Solution - A way to identify if it is due to CBD, you may discontinue CBD dosage for few days and observe if diarrhea goes away. If it does, then you should try to limit the dosage of CBD and keep a check on your pet’s health. Other ways that you can adopt to help your pet keep healthy include encouraging more fluid intake to prevent dehydration.

4. Lowering blood pressure - There are chances that your pet may become sluggish, lethargic, overly tired, or drowsy after starting the CBD dosage. This means that CBD is impacting its blood pressure.

Solution - If this is the case, you should monitor the blood pressure of your pet regularly before and after giving CBD for few days of starting CBD dosage. You will be able to notice the required amount of CBD for your pet based on its reaction. You should disclose to the vet about the CBD ingestion to your pet that might be causing the falling blood pressure of your pet.

5. Parkinson disease tremors - Studies have found Parkinson’s disease symptoms in humans. Since dogs’ bodies react the same way as humans to CBD, Parkinson’s disease tremors might trouble the dogs also.

Solution - If you notice such tremors in your pet, you are strongly recommended for using only small doses of CBD for your pet. You can gradually increase the dosage until you find that it is suiting for your pet’s health.

6. Obstruction in drug metabolism - There are reports that suggest CBD may interfere with the metabolism of medicines in humans. Likewise, a high dosage of CBD can hamper your easy-going furry friend’s health by producing certain enzymes in its liver that will disturb the digestive system of it.

Solution - If your pet is already on medication, consult the vet before starting with the dosage of CBD.

The Bottom Line

Although CBD has potential benefits for animals, its other effects could not be neglected. However, finding out the amount of dosage that will work for your pet is the best way to include CBD in your pet’s routine. You should not worry if your pet shows any of the above-mentioned symptoms. It will sleep soundly and wake up after some time, but you should try to avoid this from happening. If you are looking to buy flavorful, organic and natural CBD products for your pet, please visit www.ingenipets.com. Let us know in comments how does your pet react when it consumes its CBD dosage.