CBD For Hyperactive Dogs: Can CBD Calm My Hyperactive Pet?

CBD For Hyperactive Dogs: Can CBD Calm My Hyperactive Pet?

While your dog might be calm and serene most of the time, some situations might get the better of them. There may be plenty of times when your dog is stressed and needs something to help him get through difficult situations.

To calm their nerves and give them the relaxation they require, CBD might be the answer! Read on to find out what makes your hyperactive, what you can do to help them, and how CBD can improve the situation. 

Why Is My Dog Hyper All Of A Sudden? 

Here are some of the reasons why your dog might be overactive or hyper: 

  • Excessive energy - Most of the time, your dogs are hyperactive; they have not been getting enough exercise. Lack of training one of the primary reasons they become overactive and try to release that energy elsewhere. By encouraging your dog to take part in organized sports and taking them on long walks might solve the problem 
  • Your dog might be tired of being holed up all-day - Dogs are free creatures. They like fields, fresh air, and sunshine. Staying at home for long weeks at a time might not be so good for them. Make sure that you let them off the leash once in a while and take them to walks. Sunshine is essential to release stress and tension 

How Can I Calm My Dog Down? 

There are a lot of ways you can help your dog release some of that stress and calm down. Since hyperactive dogs are just behaving so because of the lack of exercise and stimulation, you need to make an effort to take them on actual walks and get some physical exercise. Dog toys and brain teasers will not suffice. However, if things are not under control even after repeated efforts, there might be some serious underlying problem that you’re missing.

There are several other ways in which you can take care of your dog too. Interactive dog toys are available on the market. They help to stimulate the dog’s brain and mind. They also keep the dog focused and occupied elsewhere, a place where its restless mind will find an outlet. It also helps it reduce stress and channel that extra energy somewhere productive. 

However, just giving your dog toys is not enough. You have to make an effort to get regular exercise every day. Exercising a hyperactive dog regularly and socializing him with other dogs during his playtime is very important. A fair amount of off-leash play at the beach or the dog park is also crucial to the mental health of the dog. 

Using CBD To Calm Your Dog’s Hyper Activeness 

Since the endocannabinoid system works identically in dogs and humans, it is natural that CBD, which has several benefits on the human body may have the same effects on the dog body. Research has shown that humans and dogs share the exact structure of the endocannabinoid system. Hence, the impact that CBD has on the human brain can be replicated in dogs’ minds as well. 

The plant Cannabis sativa, responsible for the creation of cannabinoids, contains two main commercially produced cannabinoids: CBD and THC. While THC is banned in several countries due to its psychotropic effects, CBD is known worldwide for its stress-relieving and anti-anxiety properties. Since several medical experts equate stress and anxiety in humans to hyperactivity in dogs, we can believe that CBD can really make a difference. 

There are several research pieces and studies that have been conducted that say the same thing. Numerous animal and human studies show that consuming CBD provided anxiolytic effects in patients suffering from anxiety disorders. Although the research isn’t completely understood yet, scientists say that anxiety relief from CBD is often the same as compared to other approved medications for these conditions. 


It is not advisable to give your dog CBD for putting him in the crate and cure his hyperactivity. Although CBD can go a long way to reduce the hyperactive symptoms that dogs show, it is never a replacement for exercise and off-the-leash playtime in the ground or the beach.