CBD won’t get you on the naughty list

CBD won’t get you on the naughty list

Christmas 2020 is around the corner, and like every year, we all are excited to celebrate. Although COVID-19 has impacted our lives, the excitement around our traditions and festivities remains. Although we may not be able celebrate as usual, there are somethings that will never change. Santa is coming, and he has a naughty and nice list ready. 

So, are you worried about which list you are on? Of course not! But it can make you take a moment and rethink how you are leading your life?  Are you happy? Healthy? Are you active enough with your kids? Are you able to manage your work stress? Is your sex life going well?  Have you put yourself on that naughty list?  Well, don’t worry. We have got your back. 

If you are one of those who are unable to manage stress in your personal and professional life or it’s the inflammation that troubles you?  There may be relief for you! Try Organic CBD products to resolve your health issues like anxiety, inflammation, low libido, and sleep deprivationOkay, so now you are worried what if CBD will make me high or impact my family life and social circle? We say, “Don’t worry. CBD will not get you on the naughty list of Santa :P”. Here are the reasons. 

What is CBD? 

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is naturally found in the resinous flower of cannabis. Used for centuries, CBD has gained popularity in recent years because of its proven therapeutic properties. 

What does CBD do? 

Because of its medicinal properties, CBD can help in many ways. Below listed are the benefits of CBD: 

  1. Insomnia – CBD is very effective in treating insomnia. Research has proven that taking just 160 mg of CBD before going to bed could improve sleep time. Not only this, but it also helps in falling fast asleep and may reduce recalling the dreams the next morning.
  2. Inflammation – CBD is known to be effective in treating pain and inflammation. It is available in topical CBD gel forms that can be applied to the painful area of the body and help in releasing pain.
  3. Anxiety – Anxiety, stress and depression are the challenges we face in our day-to-day lives. It can be due to family, job, or other reasons. This impacts our health adversely. CBD can help to combat  anxiety.
  4. Low Libido – With all the issues as mentioned earlier come sexual health problems. You tend to lose interest in sexual intimacy, or you may face erectile dysfunction. CBD can help in improving your overall sexual health.


Myths vs. Facts of CBD 

CBD consumption is a debated topic. There are many misconceptions related to it. Let us give you a clear picture of its myths and facts: 

Myth 1 – CBD is addictive. 

Fact – As per a research report by WHO (World Health Organization), CBD is not addictive for humans as it exhibited no effects indicative of any abuse while being tested. 

Myth 2 – CBD is not safe. 

Fact – In 2017, WHO submitted a detailed report that revealed the CBD, which is occurring naturally, is safe and ideal for human consumption. Following this report, the World Anti-Doping Agency also removed CBD from the list of banned substances. 

Myth 3 – CBD is not legal. 

Fact – The only hemp derived CBD has been legalized for medical and treatments in many states, including the United States of America. As per government legalization for the cannabis growth and usage, no product made with CBD should have more than 0.3 per cent of CBD in it. 

Myth 4 – CBD makes you high. 

Fact – No, CBD does not make you high. High concentrations of the CBD may cause an uplifting effect, but it definitely does not make you high. 

Myth 5 – All CBD is the same. 

Fact – Not all forms of CBD are the same.  CBD is a single compound from the plant which, when bundled with the products correctly serves a role in supporting the overall well-being of a person. 


With Christmas 2020 approaching, we must pledge to take a healthy step towards our wellbeing. Living a life that is free from stress, pain, and other painful emotions is everyone’s dream. CBD is giving you a chance to boost your health. Start a CBD regiment today and feel the difference it will make in your overall wellbeing