How may CBD help in Pain Management?

How may CBD help in Pain Management?

Pain can be a cause of several health issues, such as infection, muscle strain, arthritis, migraines, and diseases such as cancer, to name a few.

If untreated, pain can cause changes in your physical and emotional health, such as depression and sleep problems. There are, however, ways we can alleviate pain. CBD is a possible natural replacement for potentially harmful and addictive opioid drugs for pain management. Let's dig deep into CBD benefits and its relationship with pain management.  

Studies show that at least 50 million adults in the U.S. suffer from chronic pain at some point in their lives. Moreover, 19.6 million adults suffer from high-impact chronic pain. What's worse? These numbers aren't stagnant; these are increasing, and people are searching for a natural solution with the least possible side effects.   

CBD for pain management  

CBD products are becoming popular among people because of their outstanding properties of curing the distressing medical conditions such as inflammation, pain, and discomfort related to various health conditions.  

Therefore, CBD is rapidly becoming popular as an alternative to heavy medications such as opioids. Many CBD based drugs have Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval, such as Epidiolex – a drug used for the treatment of epilepsy. Epidiolex is just the pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol oil or CBD oil, but it might help in decreasing the frequency of seizures and the associated pain.   

Always consult a medical professional before embarking on any treatment or health product. 

CBD for chronic pain relief  

Many researchers claim that CBD may affect ECS(Endocannabinoid System), the system responsible for the sensation of any pain in our body— through endocannabinoid receptors present in our immune system, nervous system, and brain. Apart from this, CBD is thought to the receptors, which decode various chemical signals and responses for a cell's function. These responses are mainly pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory in nature and might help manage pain in our body.  

Eat whole plant food

In 2018, a study was done to assess whether the pain-relieving properties of CBD may help in treating chronic pain or not. The studies, conducted between 1975 to March 2018, were focused on various types of pains, such as neuropathic pain, cancer pain, fibromyalgia, etc. and their treatment with CBD products.   

What are the possible effects of CBD on the arthritis pain? 

What is arthritis? Arthritis is the inflammation of joints due to weak bones. Its symptoms include swelling, tenderness, stiffness, and pain in joints, which worsens with age.   

Effect of CBD: -  

CBD, with its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, may help in the treatment of people with arthritis.    

During a 2016 study conducted on animals to understand the effect of CBD, researchers used CBD gel on the animals for four days and found that CBD has a significant positive impact on the pain score. Moreover, they also concluded that CBD stops having effects after a particular dosage.    

Some people with arthritis who have tried CBD have reported noticeable pain relief, sleep improvement, and/a reduction in anxiety.  

CBD for cancer treatment relief  

CBD might help with the pain associated with cancer, tumors, and the effects of cancer treatment. A study from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) cleared CBD as a possible treatment for chemotherapy-related side effects, such as lack of appetite, pain, vomiting, etc.  

In a study conducted in 2010 of cancer-related pain, some subjects received oral sprays of compounds with CBD in them and other subjects traditional pain-relieving opioids.  The study concluded that the oral sprays of CBD based compounds were far more effective in relieving pain than opioids.  

A similar kind of study conducted in 2013 validated the previous findings. In short, there is enough evidence for CBD as an alternative to dangerous opioids for the management of cancer-related pain.  

CBD for migraine pain relief  

CBD might reduce both the intensity and period of migraine pain. In a 2017 study, subjects who had cluster headaches got relief from pain using CBD compound combination, even though they all had childhood migraine history. 

With initial positive results, CBD research continues, in its effectiveness in pain management and even a pain relief medication for migraine patients.  


Therefore, from the facts mentioned above and studies, it can be deduced that there is a possibility that CBD may help a person in relieving pain, irrespective of the pain's source 




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