Intimacy Of Touch And Its Sexual Appeal

Intimacy Of Touch And Its Sexual Appeal

Touching during sex is an often-neglected item on the bedroom menu. We might rush through exploring touch on our way to the good stuff, or maybe our usual routines have become habitual.   Manual sex is usually the first method by which many of us explore our bodies and intimacy with other

Touching during sex is an often-neglected item on the bedroom menu. We might rush through exploring touch on our way to the good stuff, or maybe our usual routines have become habitual.  

Manual sex is usually the first method by which many of us explore our bodies and intimacy with others. Memories of awkward sexual encounters and fumbling aside, it is usually very enlightening to approach early encounters of intimacy with touch. The sensual touch can open new avenues for many people who haven’t yet experienced what it is to be physically intimate and sexually sensual at the same time. It has biological interpretations too. Your fingers are full of nerve endings, and touching your lover’s bodies, and yours might mean that you are opening yourself up to newer sensations and feelings. Even if you think you know your body well enough to expect everything, touching during sex might be a great way to discover and venture out on uncharted territory. All it takes is time, patience, and these rules.  

Manual Sex Tip #1:  

Lubrication is essential. The more, the better. If you have to, put down a towel and avoid making it messy. Dry fingers and genital skin are prone to chafing, whereas lubricated skin feels softer and silkier. Using lubrication increases sensitivity for the person who’s touching and the person who’s touched.  

It is also true for techniques with the end goal of achieving orgasm, like direct clitoral stimulation. To avoid painful encounters and keep the stimulation going, it is imperative that you have a lot of lubricants on hand during your sexual ventures. Using lube is very important for better and more intense orgasms.   

Manual sex Tip #2:  

Communication is essential. It is just as important as the lube, the act of saying you WANT the lube. Communication is a big part of a fulfilling and satisfying sexual experience. The art of communicating to your partner what you want, what gets you off, and what you would like them to do dramatically increases the odds of a pleasing sexual interaction.   

Listening is just as essential. Not only to what your partner says but their breathing patterns and the way they’re moving. There’s no guide to the perfect sexual interaction. Different people respond differently to various stimuli, and it is tough to come up with a generalized guide to tell you what everyone enjoys. The only way you can both enjoy hand sex is through excellent communication, which changes every moment you are together.  

For People With A Vulva  

The idea of a specific technique that pleases everybody can be somewhat limiting, creating boundaries that say that touching another person is a puzzle with lots of pieces, each of which belongs somewhere. However, whether it is your vulva or someone else’s, there are some things that you might benefit from.  

Nerve distribution is vulvas vary from wild sensations that will make your partner scream and moan with delight to relaxing an individual to the point of wanting to sleep. If your sexual partner is relatively new to you, you might benefit from shelving whatever tactics you’ve learned from your previous lovers and guide, and take the time to explore and discover those special spots and techniques to stimulate the vulva for yourself and your partner.   

For People Who Have A Penis  

Lubrication is essential here too. Although people with penises often report that their vulva-owning partners are always a little tentative, the penis might take a little rougher handling than the vulva. Here too, every penis is different. Start slow and ask the person what feels good and right. Try to get the extra-sensitive parts also.  

The head of the penis is especially sensitive to touch. It produces a lot of sensation, mostly called the frenulum on the underside of the penis, just below the head. Explore the head with varying pressures and strokes to get the spots that feel the best to the receiver.  

Do Not Rush It -  

Manual sex isn’t something that you can rush through. It provides you with an opportunity to slow down, really savors the moment. Get to know the deepest sexual fantasies of the person you are with. Even if you are both familiar with each other, manual sex allows you to rediscover your fantasies on a more sensual level. Take your time, be a patient experiment, and communicate to your partner your likes and dislikes. By doing so, you will grow as a couple and heighten your sexual experience and satisfaction.  

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