Is CBD good for aging pets?

Is CBD good for aging pets?

Aging is a natural process and it is certain to happen to all living creatures be it humans or animals. Therefore, just like humans, animals also suffer from various health conditions like osteoarthritis, cancer, cataracts and vision loss, hypothyroidism, and even cognitive dysfunction. So, if you are a pet owner, you must be worried about your pet’s health as you see them age. 

For any small health issue, we take our pets for medical treatment but vets recommend taking different medications that offer little relief. In this blog, we will take a look at the benefits of CBD for aging pets. 

The role of CBD for animals like dogs, cats 

Before we delve deeper, let us first understand the role of CBD for animals. Like humans, cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 are present in animals’ endocannabinoid system which is a communication system involved in mood, appetite, sleep, and motor skills particularly. Going forward, CBD could play a major role in treating epilepsy, anxiety, stress, osteoarthritis, and more in animals. 

As per a study conducted on canine osteoarthritis by Cornell University in 2018, dogs who consumed CBD oil showed a significant reduction in pain and increased activity without any side effects of CBD. 

How does CBD help senior and aging pets? 


Numerous CBD studies conducted on animals have shown encouraging therapeutic value and potential benefits. Introducing CBD to senior and aging pets can offer the below-mentioned benefits: 

  1. Aids in pain management – Arthritis, inflammation, hip dysplasia, or IVDD are the common health conditions that affect an animal’s regular activities. In a study conducted on rats with arthritis, CBD helped in decreasing the pain in just four days of CBD consumption. CBD helps in promoting bone cell growth and providing relief from bone disorders like osteoporosis.  Therefore, it promotes better mobility of your pet.
  2. Gentler on your pets’ health – We know that any medication may come with a side effect that may deteriorate kidneys, liver, or cardiovascular health. The same happens in the animals’ bodies as to humans. But thanks to CBD. If it is consumed in the right quantity, it does not cause any ill effect on health and body.
  3. Treats Anxiety – CBD is an excellent wellness product to treat anxiety. Like humans, animals also suffer from anxiety. For your pet, CBD can provide relief from pain that may be causing anxiety. It will increase the serotonin levels in the body and help keep your pet relaxed and calm.
  4. Improved Appetite – At times, you may find your aging pet suffering from a loss of appetite, especially due to some injury or illness. Trying to force-feed your pet will not work in this situation. Hereby, you need CBD to be included in their daily routine so that they do not lose their appetite because of health conditions.
  5. Improved Sleep – Illness or any type of sickness may cause a lack of sleep in some animals. If you are finding that your aging pet is not well and not taking proper sleep, you should consider adding CBD to their routine. It helps in relaxing your pet and thus encourages sleep. Also, if your pet has some injury and wounds, CBD can help in healing wounds faster.

How to select the appropriate CBD product for my aging pet? 

Before deciding on providing CBD to your pet dog or cat, you are advised to check with the veterinarian on how much CBD can be suitable for your pet. You must follow the below guidelines to select the appropriate CBD product for your aging pet: 

  1. Look for organic CBD – Look for organic CBD product which is free from any type of harmful sprays.
  2. Buy wisely - In the market, you may find a variety of CBD products available at cheap prices and low quality. Do not fall prey to those prices and product quality.

CBD products available for the aging pets in the market are: 

  1. CBD Oil and Tinctures These can be absorbed directly into your pet’s body by just keeping a drop of it under the tongue or drizzle the prescribed quantity of CBD on the food your pet to be ingested.
  2. CBD Chews These are one of the most convenient ways as it serves more like a treat and can be given individually. It does not require fixing the dosage for your pet each time they consume it.
  3. CBD Topicals Some pet owners do not prefer using CBD for consumption. So, you can use CBD topicals to help ease your pet’s pain. It can be used widely in the painful areas or allergic areas on the body.


We all love pets and want our pets should lead a quality life. If you are looking to buy organic CBD products at a nominal price, please contact us. At Ingeni Pets, we make sure that we can offer highly organic and best in industry products for your pet.