Is CBD safe for my Pet?

Is CBD safe for my Pet?

Is CBD safe for my Pet? 

Are you a pet owner? Are you planning to try CBD for your pet to keep it healthy but in a dilemma whether it is safe or not? Then you must read this blog. It will give you an insight into the benefits of CBD for your pet and how does it work. 

CBD has been a hot topic of discussion for the past few years. As CBD has shown many positive results for humans, researches have been done to find out if it benefits animals too. Surprisingly, CBD has shown positive impacts on animals. Riding on the reels of CBD’s properties for being anti-inflammatory and helpful in treating anxiety, insomnia, and other health issues, this relatively new pet wellness trend is becoming widely known and accepted. With the growing interest of pet owners in CBD, it has been predicted that the CBD pet care market may reach $125 million by 2022.  

So, if you still have questions on whether CBD is safe for your pet or not, read this blog until the end to find answers to all your queries.  

What are the benefits of giving CBD to my pet? 

CBD is beneficial to animals in many ways. As per the research conducted in 2018, it has been found that CBD can help to increase the comfort and calmness in animals. Check out the benefits in detail below: 

Will CBD make my pet high? 

The answer is No. It will not at all make your pet high. As CBD is derived from hemp, it has less than 0.3% THC which means there is no risk for your pet to get higher with CBD.  

Is there any risk to my pet? 

Certainly not! Pets have a similar kind of endocannabinoid system to that of humans. Most of the pets or animals especially dogs have been found to experience problems with THC overdoses. Therefore, like humans, pets and animals should be given organic CBD. 

In what forms can I give CBD to my pet? 


You can administer CBD to your pet in many ways and they are listed below: 

  • Oral CBD Oil and Tinctures - All you have to do is dropping a drop of CBD oil into your pet’s mouth and wait until it is absorbed. CBD flavor is mostly accepted by pets and they have no issue in licking up the oil.  
  • CBD Tincture in food and water - Take the required dosage of CBD tincture and mix it into the food or water. All you need to take care of is that your pet eats or drinks the entire served food or water to not miss even a drop of the oil.  
  • In the form of Treats - You do not have to measure the number of treats. Grab a packet, take the treat out of it and give it to your pet. Treat can be in the form of chews, gummies, capsules, etc. Does this not seem easy to handle without worrying about CBD’s dosage?  

How can I select the right CBD product for my pet? 

One thing that you can do before selecting any CBD product for your pet is consulting the veterinarian about your pet’s health and any ongoing medications because CBD may impact the reaction of the medicine in the body. So, a vet can help you in deciding how to give CBD to your pet. On your personal note, you can check the product from its THC level. Any product should not have any traces of THC which is harmful to animals. 


The basic rule to give your pet the dosage of CBD is by giving 1-5 mg of CBD to your pet per 10 pounds of weight. But it is always a good idea to consult the veterinarian and decide which type of CBD and how much shall you give to your pet.  

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