Seven Ways to Improve a Stressful Relationship

Seven Ways to Improve a Stressful Relationship

Humans are social beings, and our relationships form the bedrock of our positive and negative experiences. We generally try to make our bonds with people harmonious, but it’s often not the same. Therefore, the below suggested are ways to improve a stressful relationship that’s above and beyond stres

Humans are social beings, and our relationships form the bedrock of our positive and negative experiences. We generally try to make our bonds with people harmonious, but it’s often not the same. Therefore, the below suggested are ways to improve a stressful relationship that’s above and beyond stress and struggle.   

1. Communication  

Effective communication is all about taking your head out and speaking/ sharing whatever you’re thinking about in a way that others can understand, especially your partner. For instance, when you talk about something that you are mad about, try to communicate about it, then and there. Do not harbor your feelings. Speaking up your mind and heart out is a healthy way of staying on the same page.  

Make it a habit to communicate with your partner regularly and effectively so that you are always in touch about your feelings. Staying in touch with what your partner is feeling might make you more receptive to their communication, verbal or non-verbal.  

2. Practice what you preach  

Notice whether you’re getting criticized for something over-and-over again. If that is the case, make sure you hold yourself to the same standards as you hold your partner. That way, it makes your partner aware of what you don’t like and what makes you mad. It also makes it easier to understand and approachable as a person.   

Think twice before yelling at your partner for something that you might also do under the same circumstances.   

3. Empathize  

Empathy is taking the time and effort to relate to the other person’s feelings, and in this case, your partner. Sometimes, you might get closed off to different perspectives when you’re locked in a conversation or argument. Taking the time to understand others’ perspectives might give you a window into the other person’s feelings. It helps you understand them better in any situation.   

Empathizing with your partner will gradually change your thought process and enable you to learn more about your partner. You also start to understand the real reason why they are saying something, guiding you to take steps that solve the problem rather than postponing it.   

4. Create intimate memories together  

Don’t wait for the perfect moment; make the moment perfect. When you take charge and make the moment memorable, it gets etched in your memory. Every now-and-then, switch up your dates, routines, or positions in bed. Try another style or do something different to keep the fire alive.   

5. Update your intimacy levels 

Spicing up things in the bed is also a great way to create more intimate memories. Consider bringing a variety of sex toys to the bedroom to enhance the experience for both of you. Less sex can create stress in a relationship. Therefore, try reducing this by getting active in bed. It will keep the space between you and your partner alive, making sex more satisfying and pleasurable. Find fun things to do together.  

Don’t stick to a routine. You might not realize it, but monotony can be an epicenter of stressing your relationship. Discover new places to get a meal, take a weekend trip, or choose a new hangout place for both of you. Play games, laugh, and have fun together—an easy way to bring in some joy into your stressful relationship without putting in too much effort.  

However, you must know that it doesn’t have to be anything sophisticated. Something as small as ordering in from a different place on the weekend instead of your regular restaurant can make a difference in the long run. Remember, it’s the thought and the effort that counts.  

6. Hand out compliments  

Everyone likes to feel good. Make sure you give nice compliments and motivational words to your partner often. Your partner may know that you love them or think they’re attractive, but it is never a bad idea to remind them of it as often as possible.  

However, give genuine compliments. Do not do it just for the sake of doing it. Your partner will see right through it, and instead of making them feel good, it will make them feel small and betrayed. Compliment them about things that you appreciate about them.  

7. Respect each other, no matter what  

In times when you are both stressed or angry, it is easy to disrespect each other at the moment. Many people might not realize it when they’re saying it, but their hurtful comments and arguments can affect their partner in the long run.   

No matter what you are arguing about, make it a point never to attack one another personally. Never say anything that you might regret later.    


If none of the above ways work for you, then sit back and consider thinking about what you want, from you, your partner, and the relationship. Because having high expectations is as bad as bad sex. And moving on can only be an option when you have no way to go to and nothing to do about the stressful relationship that you’re in. But before you make a final call, always remember the reason why you chose your partner in the first place, and this may, perhaps, give you an answer to make things better.  

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