Top 10 foods that boost sexual desire

Top 10 foods that boost sexual desire

Top 10 Foods that Boost Sexual Desire 

Sex is an important part of life. Apart from reproduction, sex plays a vital role in improving relationship bonding between the couple and one’s overall well-being including emotional, intellectual, physical, psychological, and social appearance. Although an active lifestyle is essential to keep yourself fit and sexually active, nutrition is equally important. Our today’s blog is going to focus on the foods that can help in boosting libido. 

What is libido? 

Libido is the sexual desire. It can be low or high depending on several factors like stress, anxiety, exercise, eating habits, age, etc. Think about having sex and ask yourself how much do you need it - daily, weekly, monthly, or never. This can help you understand the level of your libido.  

How do foods help in improving sex life? 

Consuming healthy and clean foods help in keeping the body free from toxins and allows it to perform well on all grounds, including sex. A healthy diet helps you keep your mental and physical health rejuvenated. Eating the right foods leads to an optimal circulatory system that helps in boosting libido. 

Foods to increase sex drive 

Research has shown there are various foods that can help in boosting libido. Check them below: 

SpinachThis least considered food can do wonders for your sex drive. This food is rich in magnesium and hence, believed to increase the blood flow below the belt and puts you in the mood for sex. It is also rich in iron and helps in increasing the testosterone levels, sexual desire, arousal, orgasm, and sexual satisfaction in the couple.  

Dark ChocolateWho does not like to eat chocolates? But you will start adoring it when you will get to know its amazing benefits to boost your sex life. Eating a bar of dark chocolate can help in boosting dopamine levels and hit the pleasure points in the brain. Research has shown that consuming 40 g of dark chocolate daily for 15 days can help in reducing the levels of stress and blood pressure. This improves your interest in intimacy and boosts your sexual pleasure. 

Oysters A study conducted in 2005 by Barry University had shown that oysters are rich in zinc and may positively impact sex hormone levels. Being rich in zinc, oysters may be the key nutrient for testosterone and sperm production.  

Pomegranate - This food is rich in antioxidants and offers immense sexual benefits. It not only boosts the level of testosterone but also treats erectile dysfunction. A Turkish study has found that pomegranate juice may help in increasing the sperm count. It also prevents oxidative stress and minimizes the pain during intercourse.  

Strawberries and Raspberries - These fruits are enriched with abundant zinc, Vitamin C that is necessary for both genders to boost their libido and sexual performance. High zinc levels in women help them arouse easily while with men, zinc works to boost testosterone levels to produce a good amount of healthy sperm.  

Avocados - These are rich in Vitamin B6, potassium, and monounsaturated fats. It is very helpful in keeping the heart healthy and promotes good blood circulation. This further prevents erectile dysfunction and helps you last longer in bed. 

Red WineThis drink has been admired by a lot of consumers for it helps in keeping the heart healthy and keeps health issues at bay. As per a research conducted in 2009, red wine was found to be effective in sexual activities. Take a note that if it is consumed in higher quantity, it may impact adversely on the libido.  

Red Bell Peppers - These have been found very effective with females’ libido. These are enriched with Vitamin C and Omega 3 acids. These help in making your nervous system work better. This helps improve sexual function in both the partners - male and female. 

BlueberriesBlueberries are one of those foods rich in flavonoids that help in boosting libido and prevent erectile dysfunction. It also releases dopamine in the body that cheers up the mood and enables you to perform better in bed. Other than these, blueberries are rich in Vitamin B and help in maintaining the health of kidneys. 

Coffee - Surprised? Well, coffee is among those ingredients that can dramatically improve your sex life. The University of Texas has revealed in its study that men who consumed two cups of coffee a day were less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. It improves the blood flow in the body by relaxing the muscles and hence increases the blood flow in the penis. 

The Bottom Line 

This valentine, forget about your plans for a romantic date, dinner, etc rather surprise your partner in bed by adopting healthy eating habits. Boost your sex life with these foods and drinks. You can also try CBD to enhance your sexual pleasure. CBD is cannabidiol which does not make you high like other products in the market. Instead of making you high, it helps in calming your stress and boost good hormones in the body. Buy your package of CBD this valentine and have a pleasurable time with your partner.