Valentine’s Blue – A Short Story of Love

Valentine’s Blue – A Short Story of Love

Love is the answer – Albert Einstein.

She was definitely new in town. Had to be. He’d never seen her before. That day marked three days in a row that he’d seen her at the bus-stop and in the same bus he every day took.

At first, he did not much pay attention to her. Off a glimpse between scrolling through his phone, he vaguely registered a girl-next-door who walked with a bit of limp and, just like him, didn’t take her eyes off her phone too.

On the third day, what caught his immediate attention was that she was already on the same bus he took every evening back home. But more, he noticed she had the same blue phone case he also had on his. Their stop came, and silently, as usual, they went their own paths.

The next day, the bus was full. Apparently, there was a local state level baseball game that the whole community was hyped about. The team playing wore red, and so did all their fans. The entire bus was like a Christmas wagon, and traveling in it were mega-happy-&-excited Santa Claus’ of different shapes and sizes from every corner of the district.

Later in the evening, on the journey back, the bus still looked the same, but the mood was so sullen and dull, it could put a prime Elvis Presley to sleep. But, this time, as he looked around for an empty seat, in the haze of bright-&-happy red, was something strikingly blue that caught his eye. The blue phone case was camouflaged in front of a big blue jacket with the words – ‘Love Is the Answer’; the exact piece of clothing that hung on him too, along with the same blue phone case, of course. And, amid all that angst and dead silence around them, there wasn’t a chance for either to have missed that moment that occurred between them.

It took only a few moments of getting out of a statue’s pose, some beautiful and deliberate eye contact and a deeply broadening and satisfying smile on both their faces to have sat beside her.

And so, the story went. She’d moved to work on a sustainable architectural project that happened to be in the same eco-space business complex, where he worked with an organic company, creating and selling health and wellness products. They also lived only two blocks away from each other. And, neither of them was seeing anyone at the time; but in truth, it wouldn’t have mattered even if they were. The things they shared in common, the connection they formed right from the start, their discipline, outlook, and overall way of life, and the overall timing, were just the kind of things people who’ve found their soulmates’ speak of.

It was the 13th of a moderately pleasant February Friday when the Macho Reds lost their final game and the trophy. That evening and night, much of the city where they lived was disappointed about it. They witnessed quite a bit of it on their ‘just-a-quick-coffee’ and walk, which lasted seven hours; on the first day, they met and spoke.

That sorrowful evening was when they had their first unofficial date. The official one was set for the very next day – Valentine’s Day. As much as they’d giggled and cringed about the name and the tag and whatnot, it was certainly meant to be – the two of them. So, why not just celebrate it, they thought.

Five years later, they live in a beautifully designed house close to the lands where they cultivate a range of organic products, along with sustainable furniture. The limp in her walk she’d had was long gone. Although it was difficult for her to deal with the repercussions of the motor accident, she’d suffered a year before they met, her husband and all of his health and wellness products got her feeling fit as ever once again.

Oh yes, almost forgot. They’ve got one daughter. She is three years old. Her name is blue.

Moral of the story – There is always another color and side to any story. Look for it, always.