Water-Soluble CBD: The New Sexy in Hydration, Health, & Wellness!

Water-Soluble CBD: The New Sexy in Hydration, Health, & Wellness!

According to an article published in the Ministry of Hemp, water-soluble CBD may boost 20%-90% the effectiveness and quickness of taking effect within the body compared to an oil-based CBD product. (ministry of hemp)

Today, CBD is being used in many products. Though it arrived a little late on the scene than other products like CBD chocolates, gummies, tinctures, and more, Water-Soluble CBD has emerged as the new sexy in the field of health and wellness.

But what exactly has brought about this change? Bioavailability is the answer! Bioavailability refers to the total amount of absorption rate any substance that enters your body may provide. Bioavailability also takes into consideration the speed at which the absorption may occur.

Overall, it makes for an extremely important subject as it revolves around studying and enabling a person to feel a more potent effect of what they consume faster. In the medical and health field, much of everything that goes around revolves around bioavailability. This is why medicines and other substances that offer a high bioavailability rate are preferred to those that don't.

The best news is that water-soluble CBD offers high absorption rate as compared to other CBD products. This is because it is a lot easier for a water-soluble substance to dissolve, disperse, and deliver its effects within your body as compared to those that can't easily dissolve in water. But, more details on this later.

All you need to know right now is that water-soluble CBD will provide you its benefits quicker and more whole as compared to other mostly oil-based CBD products.

What Is Water-Soluble CBD?


In the most basic terms, water-soluble CBD nanoparticles of CBD that, unlike CBD oils, can easily mix with water or beverages. This is carried out so the overall bioavailability of CBD when consumed can be 20%-90% more effective. If you don't yet know it, our bodies are made of at least 60% water—which naturally allows for water-soluble substances to absorb and deliver effects quicker than substances that aren't.

Although struck upon a tad bit late, scientists and other CBD manufacturing companies realized that one of the best products, that's also easily one of the essential prerequisites of life, was left out of the mix. Here is where the first idea(s) of combining CBD with water (and other beverages) arose.

The main issue they faced was combining CBD – which is mostly extracted and available in oils or oil-based solutions – with water was not an easy or straightforward process. This is easy to understand as we've learned, studied, and witnessed oil and water insolubility right from our school days. However, this hiccup was quite instantly overcome with the application and use of nanotechnology--along with the numerous medical and scientific benefits it provides.

We can now use a sonic blender device through nanotech to reduce previously insoluble CBD molecules into smaller CBD particles that can easily dissolve in water. Therefore, water-soluble CBD is nothing but the form(s) of CBD that can be easily combined/infused with water or other water-based liquids or solutions.

This breakthrough fulfills hydration purposes and provides the various benefits of one of the most naturally-occurring therapeutic chemical compounds known to us – CBD.

This is why several people today are moving towards water-soluble CBD products instead of CBD oils as it has quickly emerged as an extremely convenient method of consumption and use, not least to mention the highest rates of bioavailability it provides. Seriously, who wouldn't want to add a few droplets to their water bottles that they're going to be reaching out to no matter what goes down in their day?

The Benefits of Water-Soluble CBD

Just add the many benefits of CBD with the many benefits of water, and you will receive the following (combined) benefits of water-soluble CBD –

Water-soluble CBD has the highest rates of bioavailability


Bioavailability is the most significant benefit of water-soluble CBD because it directly contributes to an amplification of all CBD benefits. Because it enables an easier, quicker dissolution and absorption within the body, it is increasingly being preferred to other oil-based mixtures that take longer to provide their benefits. Additionally, in oil-based varieties, some parts of the substance may also be lost up to 90% depending on person-to-person.

Here are the amplified benefits that may result from the use of water-soluble CBD

1. Anxiety, people regularly use CBD for the calming/relaxing effects it provides.

2. Internal inflammation, CBD helps activate and engage the body's appropriate parts that need healing.

3. Get a better night's sleep. CBD may provide a deeper sense of relaxation and calm – two prerequisites to a night of blissful sleep.

4. Uplifted Energy and Mood CBD may uplift mood and boost energy.

5. Ease aches, burns, and pains within your body use of CBD in various forms to help ease the painful symptoms of aches, pains, burn, or other injuries.

6. Post-exercise recovery Not just athletes, everyday people use CBD to put their mind and body at ease before or after a workout or any other fitness routine.

7. Boost your overall immunity and immune system; CBD works through ECS (endocannabinoid system) found scattered across vital areas in our bodies. The ECS is a regulatory system whose primary function is to activate and help engage the body's organs that need to work towards repairing any problems inside or outside the body.

8. Gives you the best possible incentive of staying hydrated and healthy!

There isn't anything we need in our lives that can be more essential or important than water. Water is in the deepest roots when it comes to the sustenance of life. When combined with CBD, the combined health benefits that a super-healthy mixture of CBD and water provides is quite simply impossible to resist or say no to. Here you can find the most vital advantages of water and why you should always be drinking enough of it. 

How Is Water-Soluble CBD Made?

Almost every compound that may be extracted from hemp, like CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, etc. are hydrophobic substances that are sticky and oily at the basic level. This means that when tried to fuse with water, the chemical compounds would quite naturally repel H20 molecules and won't be able to mix and form a combined mixture.

As earlier mentioned, and previously studied, oils and water have different chemical properties, densities, mass, molecule types that do not let them combine to form a condensed mixture. Instead, they remain incomplete ambivalence and suspension from each other, even if poured, shaken, or stirred while present in the same container.

This poses an issue to those who want to combine CBD with water or any other beverage.

This is where modern-day scientific technology comes into the picture, or more specifically, nanotechnology. Nano emulsion technology is a particular branch of nanotech that aids in combining substances that may otherwise be difficult to combine.

In the case of water-soluble CBD, nanotechnology can convert CBD particles into nanoparticle forms instead of their previous oily texture – it can easily and smoothly mix with water (molecules) to give you a thorough CBD-blended/infused liquid.

This whole process is known as a liquid suspension process. And, one of the main benefits of this process is its ability to preserve bioactive ingredients (CBD) and then convert & deliver them as (CBD) nanoparticles so they can blend/mix with another substance (water).

Thus, previously oily and insoluble CBD can be reduced, converted, and delivered in the form of CBD nanoparticles that can be mixed with water or (several) other tasty beverages of your liking!

The Pros & Cons of CBD Water



Super-high rates of bioavailability.
Alternatives like (packaged) CBD water may be affected by air and (sun)light
Increasingly available – online & offline
High solubility rate within the body
Can feel the desired CBD effects quicker.
Combined benefits of CBD and water
May improve your mood and energy
May reduce your anxiety.
May give you better rest, relaxation, and sleep.
May reduce internal inflammation.
May boost your immune system.
May help you with hangovers.
May improve your libido and sexual desire and drive.


It may have a lower concentration of CBD than many other CBD-based products.
Can be a more expensive source of getting the appropriate/desired/recommended dose of your CBD need/fix.
Hasn't officially been given a greenlight by the FDA yet.

To Conclude

Water-soluble may be new but has still managed to significantly add several benefits in the journey of health & wellness of people around the world. What's more is that this particular product also has a massive potential of reaching out to wider audiences of those who actively seek to benefit from CBD to improve their overall wellbeing.

Water is undoubtedly the best and most essential component of every living organism, and CBD – which may be regarded as a newer medicine to the generations of our millennia – has a potential of contributing to the overall improvement of health in people.

We don't see too much getting in the way of holistically capitalizing on this lip-smacking and thirst-quenching combination!

Check this space to keep yourself updated and learn a lot more about water-soluble CBD, CBD oils, salve, CBD topicals, salve, melatonin, and several other holistic, organic, natural, and plant-based medicines.

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