How are you going to do the things you like to and want to do if you aren’t able to care for yourself? Let’s forget about everything we’ve learned in the past. Let’s focus on the present and learn t

Christmas 2020 is around the corner, and like every year, we all are excited to celebrate. Although COVID-19 has impacted our lives, the excitement around our traditions and festivities remains. Altho

What is happiness and why does it matter? Different people have different opinions on this. For some, happiness is vital for a healthy life whereas for some happiness is just a phase of life. What mak

In the world we live in now, it is challenging to deal with uncertain times and the stress and anxiety related to the ongoing world conditions. We feel trapped and defeated. According to the American

Some of us may even feel exhausted. What if we tell you it does not have to be this way? Try the below ways to boost your energy and focus:  Meditate regularly  Eat healthy food 

Did you know 50 to 70 million U.S. adults face problems sleeping, and approximately 40 percent of adult Canadians suffer from sleep deprivation?  What are the reasons for insomnia?  

How healthy we are, our quality of life, and how long we live depends on our genes, biology, health, and lifestyle choices. Before we delve deeper into the factors that impact our overall health, let

Research has proven that several positive lifestyle factors can promote good health. Undoubtedly, one can't change one's genes or much of the environment around, but making educated and intentional ch


The Human Endocannabinoid system

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