Smoothies can make a very healthy breakfast, nutritious drink or even an evening snack. You can have it at any point of time in a day. But does smoothie making seem time-consuming to you? Don't worry.

Every year on 22nd March, World Water Day is observed. It aims to inform people about the global water crisis and reveal the importance of water in our day-to-day lives. Saving Water for the planet is

If you’ve ever spoken to a doctor or health professional regarding your sugar & sweet cravings, you’ve got to have got this one most commonly – “How much water have you been drinking?”. Introduct

Drinking enough water makes a huge difference in skin's appearance. Skin is the largest organ of the body and is more prone to aging. Here are all the benefits that you can get from drinking water:

Introduction It’s 2021, folks, and it's undoubtedly time to look after yourself a whole lot better than ever. Good health is regarded as the most paramount asset to possess today, and for good reason

Having a healthy gut is important for the proper functioning of your immune system. It also regulates weight and manages your mood. It is from your digestive system that your overall well-being is def

The food you consume directly impacts your gut health. Our gut has trillions of bacteria that help in maintaining its health. But we hardly consider keeping our digestive system healthy. We prefer eat

Any successful company or factory within our known world is quite blatantly dependent on how its employed workforce and machinery work together to produce and deliver excellent output. Similarly, our

Introduction When it comes to eating well, eating right makes up for most part of the overall process. Eating right goes beyond the conventional foods & beverages we’ve been ingrained with from w



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