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All females deal with menstrual cramps in their life. Your menstruation cycle indicates your reproductive health and menstrual cramps can tell a lot about your periods. All you need to know about men

All you need to know about your vaginal health As we age, our body undergoes many changes, including vaginal changes. From vaginal bleeding to vaginal discharge, all females go through it. However, w

Ladies, if you are suffering from a lack of sexual desire, CBD may be a solution.   Little to no sexual desire in women has become a common issue nowadays. It can be due to various factors,

CBD is thought to enhance sexual experiences by positively affecting both the body and the brain. It is known to help you relax, reduce anxiety, and increase blood flow to blood vessels around the bod

It is the absence of menstruation for 12 consecutive months in a woman's life. This phase of a woman's sexual life hits between 45-55, but it is relatively transient. Menopause can occur for women ear

What is the average pH level of the vagina? The average pH of a vagina lies between 3.8 and 4.5; therefore, it is slightly acidic. So, what is the significance of its acidic nature? The acidic nature


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