Can CBD boost mood and help with Mood Swings?

Can CBD boost mood and help with Mood Swings?

Mental health is as important as physical health, and if it deteriorates, it can lead to drastic after effects. Take COVID-19 as an example; it has stressed out the entire world by disturbing their daily routine. Sudden imposing of lockdowns, shutting down public places, no socialization, no gatherings, and many more such events have raised anxiety and stress to all-time high levels across the globe.

The consequences of such anxiety and stress disorders could cause frequent mood swings that can seriously endanger a person’s safety. Therefore, it is important to get an effective solution to control those frequent mood swings.

What exactly are mood swings?

Mood swing is a sudden change in behavior from being happy to sad to irritated or emotional. Your mood changes can be a reaction to certain environments or circumstances.

What are the causes of mood swings?

Though we reflect emotions based on the situation, our mood swings which could lead to anxiety, happen mostly by neurochemical irregularities in the specific areas of the brain, most commonly in the limbic system. Scientifically, many mental health conditions could cause severe shifts in the mood like:

Bipolar Disorder: If your emotions change suddenly from being happy to sad; you are likely to have bipolar disorder.

Cyclothymic Disorder: This is a mild mood disorder in which your emotions go up and down and are less severe than bipolar ones.

Dysthymia: This kind of mood disorder is a chronic form of depression.

Hormonal Imbalance: If your hormones are imbalanced, they could cause mood swings. In women, specifically, as a teen and while they are at their menopause stage, they can notice frequent mood shifts from happy to sad to angry.

Substance Use: If you are on drugs or alcohol usage regularly, you may notice frequent mood changes.

Mood Swings are mostly observed in females for the below reasons:

Premenstrual syndrome




Premenstrual Syndrome

 PMS could lead to mood swings in the week when your periods are approaching.



 During pregnancy hormonal changes in the body could cause mood shifts. These mood swings are often high in the first trimester and level off with growing pregnancy.



Menopause is a transitional phase in the life of a woman. It typically happens from the age of 45 and above. It causes hormonal changes and could lead to mood swings.


What are the other symptoms associated with mood swings?


What are the potential complications of the mood swing?

If mood swings are not treated on time, they could lead to severe health complications.

How are mood swings treated?

If you are facing severe mood changes, you should consult a doctor immediately. However, you can try the below tips to regulate your mood:

Exercise regularly:  Exercising regularly can boost your overall health, including mental health.

Get enough sleep: A poor sleep or disturbed sleep at night could destroy your next day. Therefore, sleep well and live better.

Eat a healthy diet: Eating a well-balanced diet can help in improving one’s mood.

Practice meditation: Practicing relaxation exercises like yoga and meditation can boost your mood.

Share your thoughts: When you feel stressed, you should try to connect with people and discuss your issues. This helps you get rid of stress and anxiety.

Consume CBD: CBD is a natural mood booster that increases the happy hormones in the body.

How does CBD help in treating mood swings?

Our mood and emotions depend on our neurochemical regularities. There are feel-good hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, endorphin present in the brain that boosts mood and keeps one happy. These are directly controlled and regulated by the endocannabinoid system. Found in the cannabis plant, CBD appears to be a good product for mood management. Below are its benefits for mood:

It is Neuroprotective – Being Neuroprotective, CBD helps in supplying oxygen to the brain to release happy hormones. If the oxygen level drops in the brain, it could lead to damage to the brain cells.

It is Anti-Inflammatory – Neuro-inflammation could lead to severe mood swings that could prove detrimental to the person. With its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD helps protect the brain cells and improves cognitive functions.

It is Antidepressant – Being an antidepressant, CBD can help in dealing with anxiety and cognitive impairment.

It is Antipsychotic – CBD being antipsychotic, holds a solid place. It not only prevents mood swings but also keeps one fresh and calm.

It offers Pain Relief – CBD helps in pain relief as chronic pain is often associated with anxiety and stress.

It boosts Sleep – Lack of sleep is common these days, and if it is not controlled at the earliest, it could lead to major mood swings. CBD can help boost sleep patterns and restores REM sleep to normalcy.


The Bottom Line

Mood swings can vary from person to person. With CBD, you can get the potential benefits of boosting your mood. Make sure you buy CBD products produced organically. Visit our online store to buy your product.



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