Your Body Always Deserves the Best!  

Your Body Always Deserves the Best!

How are you going to do the things you like to and want to do if you aren’t able to care for yourself? 


Let’s forget about everything we’ve learned in the past. Let’s focus on the present and learn the things that will enable us to get where we really want to be. But, how are we going to get there? With what? And, what does it exactly take? 

Even upon a bit of pondering, one will inevitably arrive at the conclusion that HEALTH is the important thing anyone will ever need to do the things they really want to do. For without it, none of it will ever be possible. With it, you will have what you need to get ahead in your life.

Good health always leads a good life, and a good life will always give you the very best of what you seek. 

What is the Body?

At Ingeni, we love to think of the body as a ship. Ships exist for a variety of reasons like commutation, leisure, transportation, business, trading, and a lot more. Although, no ship can ever reach its course or fulfill its essential functions without a captain at the helm. Yes, every ship requires an able captain to guide the ship right from the roughest storms to the smoothest waters; but what is a captain going to do if there are faults in the ship? No captain, no matter how accomplished or smart, will ever be able to do anything or reach any destination without a ship that works – at the very least – well enough to carry out its base functions.

On the other hand, a (fully) functional ship lead by an able captain can not only perform all of its duties well but also do so in a way that is enjoyable and fulfilling.

To keep the body in good health is a duty. Otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. – The Buddha 

Why Does Your Body Deserve the Best?

Well, for starters, try completing your tasks or accomplishing anything else through your day with a headache or a bad stomach; as opposed to doing the same things with a clear/painless mind and a normally functioning stomach. 

The problem with the majority of us is that we do not realize what we have until we’re exposed to the reality of not having enough of it, or worse, not having any of it at all. It’s true, learning through the hardships of one’s own experiences teaches us as nothing else can, but why wait until all is lost? Why not begin today? Why not begin right now! Even if it’s starting small. After all, much like achieving anything in life, requires being patient and smart enough to start small with a thorough-enough focus on what one’s future should look like. One bite at a time. One inch at a time. One step at a time. This is the only best way to begin and get set for all of the things we want in our lives.

When it comes to something as important as one’s health – on which much of everything else is at stake – it is crucial to start as soon as is possible and get a head-start. This investment will only do good to any kind of aspirations one may already have or might learn in the future.

So, How Does One Improve the Health of Their Body? 

‘You are what you eat.’ – In some form or another, everyone has heard of this saying. Why? Because there is just so much truth attached to this statement that it can’t be missed or overlooked. 

If the body is a car, then what we eat is the fuel that propels it. Without the right kind of fuel and a consistent amount of it, no kind of car – no matter how superior the make of it is – isn’t going to get too far ahead. This is besides the fact that the wrong kind of fuel might endanger the engine and the quality of the internal mechanism of it – which will inevitably lead to its untimely destruction.

Thus, nutrition is everything we receive from everything we ingest. And, the quality of nutrition we receive directly correlates to the quality of what we ingest. A good nutritious diet leads to good functionality of the body which in turn leads to a healthier body and a happier life. 

Supplemental Aids 

Although a nutritious diet should cover most nutrients that the body needs for essential functionality, not everyone is fortunate enough to receive one, and even if they do, some bodies either aren’t able to fully-absorb and reap the full benefits of the nutrients from what is ingested. 

Keeping aside several of the (medically) complicated reasons as to why these situations might arise or occur, let us turn towards what we can do instead of losing out on what is essential to our bodies and health. The answer is simple – supplemental aids or supplements – are made up of powders or liquids and are readily available as over-the-counter pills at most local medical stores. 

Their function is simple too. To aid the body with all the necessary nutrients that it isn’t being able to get from a natural diet. Some of the most commonly available and consumed supplements are vitamins (B-12/C/D), minerals, proteins, calcium, iron, omega-3 (fish oil), CBD, melatonin, and zinc. 

Exercise & Fitness

Right from the beginning of our history, perhaps the most widely known and indulged in forms of improving one’s bodily health is exercise and maintaining good levels of fitness. As time has passed, and as our advancements in medical science, technology, and overall know-how have increased, we have learned that exercise indeed is one of the best ways of not only maintaining overall health but also creating it.

Some of the (very obvious) benefits of exercise are –  

  • Strengthening bones and muscles  
  • Maintaining and managing one’s weight  
  • Improving overall levels of energy and vitality  
  • Reduces levels of anxiety and stress in the body  
  • Releases happy hormones like dopamine and serotonin  
  • Aids in relaxation and improving quality of sleep  
  • Improves your sex life  
  • Improves focus and memory   

Creating a routine for regular exercise and working out is one of the best and most natural ways of boosting one’s overall health and is definitely high up in our list of what one should provide their bodies with. 

Take Less Stress 

Stress is perhaps one of the biggest enemies of a healthy life and lifestyle. Although, not all stress can be construed as bad stress because some stress is necessary to have a more beneficial fruitful life, continual or chronic stress with a negative impact on the body and mind can lead to a slew of other problems in overall life.

Problems like emotional distress, migraines, stomach issues, autoimmune diseases, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, blood pressure issues, sexual problems, and more. 

The good news is that stress like several other things in life is quite manageable. There are a lot of well-known ways in which we can reduce stress in our lives. Becoming aware of and putting to use the abundant resources that are available today is the first and most important step we can take towards enhancing our bodies for living a stress-free life. 


Sleep is the new sex. Many of us will relate to this while the pandemic and the lockdowns are still in play. Pervasive through most of life we are aware of, rest and sleep are as essential as the things we are able and want to do when we aren’t asleep.

A good night’s sleep gives us the recovery we need on a consistent basis because no matter what – our bodies and minds need the space and time to recuperate so we can live life with a consistent amount of energy – something that is highly essential in propelling us forward in life. 


Love is the answer – Albert Einstein.

Finally, we need to love the life we’ve been gifted with, along with learning to love ourselves. In this context of giving our bodies the very best, self-love trumps everything else. Self-love is basically learning to love ourselves in a way that will enable us to feel good about who we are and everything we are made up of. Without it, nothing else will fall into place. 

Of all the emotions that are known to exist, love is perhaps the strongest and the most ubiquitous of them all. When you truly undertake your journey towards loving yourself more, you will inevitably learn a lot more about yourself. And soon you will reach areas of growth and prosperity that otherwise eluded you. We say undertake the journey because there are always things we have been ingrained with since our early days – notions that simply do not serve us when it comes to fulfillment. 

To Conclude

Remember, your body is a vessel for everything you will ever experience in your life. Yes, at the helm of it lies your mind that will guide you through it, but without a healthy vessel, a strong mind of any scale will not be able to experience everything it deserves and wants.

Taking care of our bodies is not a process but a beautiful lifelong journey that only leads to a variety of benefits to the ones who truly undertake it. And although today’s world is utterly fast-paced and filled with a lot of information that may lead to some confusion, it is of crucial importance to learn right and implement as much as we can to improve our lives in the best way we can. 

What Is A Holistic Lifestyle. How Does One Adopt It. What Are Its Benefits.


Adopting a holistic lifestyle has been the talk of the town for a while now, and yes, it definitely is worth all of the hype, and (a lot) more! 


What is a Holistic Lifestyle? 


Just as a fully-loaded and functional motorcycle is quite some more than just a summation/organization of all its parts, holistic living, in its truest sense, is the same in how it’s also just an all-encapsulating way of creation/living wherein one doesn’t only consider a single or a few of the components/pillars of existence, but all of them as a whole. 


Thus, holistic living or a holistic lifestyle is basically considering every single aspect within every single of the four pivotal facets of our life – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – as the only real ways & means of arriving at the truest whole and living the best possible life. 


And invariably, this leads to much better and (more) wholesome levels of performances and levels of satisfaction in the lives of every individual who sincerely and thoroughly practice it. Furthermore, when this way of living (holistically) is applied to (larger) groups of people i.e., communities/societies/civilizations, the results and impact of it only amplify. 


This large-scale amplification also happens to be the only way of realistically enabling us to achieve the most and truest form(s) of overall richness for our planet home – along with everyone and everything in it – while also paving the way for a much cleaner and longer future, which is something we all deeply desire and what has also quickly become the need of the hour. 


How to Start a Holistic Lifestyle? 


All things considered, adopting a holistic lifestyle isn’t as easy as one might think or read on the internet. It involves making an awake and conscious decision as to how you visualize and want your future to look like. 


Then, while you’ve begun living holistically and are well on your journey forward, you will realize that it never only just involved making your decision, but also harnessing all of your energies and drive from your constantly rejuvenating self to maintain the process and keep on receiving a maximum level of benefit(s). 


1) Adopt a well-balanced nutrition and diet 


A good and strong diet along with regular eating habits and routines go a long way in providing a resilient backbone to carry you forward in life in the best possible way. Add all of the most essential nutrients into the mix and you’ve got everything you need to not only strengthen the backbone but also take you much further and for much longer. 


A good nutritious diet consists of all of the foods and drinks that will give you enough proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fats, water (please take a few sips right now if you haven’t in a while), calcium, iron, zinc, and quite a few more. 


Some of the most essential foods in terms of a good diet are – 

  • Nuts and Seeds – Almonds, Chia Seeds, Walnuts, Cashews, Pistachios, etc. 
  • Fruits – Apples, Bananas, Avocados, Grapefruits, Pears, Lemons, Pineapples, Guavas, Blueberries, Pomegranates, Strawberries, Watermelons, and many more. 
  • Vegetables – Bell Pepper, Broccoli, Carrot, Cauliflower, Garlic, Onion, Kale, Tomato, Spinach, Brussels Sprouts, (Sweet) Potato, Cabbage, Beetroot, Mushrooms, Asparagus, and more. 
  • Meat – Chicken, Turkey, Buffalo/Bison, Beef, and Lamb. 
  • Seafood – Salmon, Shrimp, Crab, Clam, Cod, Oyster, Mussels, Lobster, Trout, Tuna, Mackerel, Squid, Octopus, Sardines, Seaweed, and more. 
  • Dairy – Milk, Cheese, and Yoghurt. 
  • Grains – Quinoa, Oat, (Whole) Wheat, (Brown) Rice, Corn, (Whole-Grain) Barley, (Whole) Rye, and more. 
  • Legumes – Kidney Beans, Black Beans, Green Beans, Peas, Lentils, Soybean, Chickpeas, Peanuts, White Beans, Navy Beans, Lima Beans, and more. 
  • And some more – Egg, Dark Chocolate, Hemp Seeds, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Turmeric, and Apple Cider Vinegar. 


2) Move towards natural or plant-based medicines and remedies 



It’s almost the end of 2020 and several parts of the world are still gripped with dealing with lockdowns because of the COVID-19 pandemic; what more could it possibly take to understand the sheer force, power, and overall magnificence of nature? 


Medicines created solely through the use of natural or plant-based raw materials have been around since the advent of early humans. As civilizations grew and turned into the cities they are today, such naturally oriented and created medicines quickly became replaced by synthetically created pharmaceutical drugs. 


Though pharmaceuticals help people in the short term, they carry with them a lot of side effects that affect the mind and body in the long run. Quite starkly opposite to this, natural or plant-based medicines help the mind and body maintain good health right from when one begins their journey with them. 


Some of the most recommended medicines for 2020 and beyond are –  


CBD – Cannabidiol or CBD is a naturally occurring chemical compound in Hemp that contains a wide range of therapeutic and beneficial effects that help people suffering from anxiety disorders, depression, sleep disorders, chronic pain, inflammation, certain symptoms of cancer, and a lot more. 


Melatonin – Is a hormone produced by our brain when it is time to sleep. It is widely known as the sleep-inducing hormone and is always a part of the subject when it comes to discussing sleep and/or sleep disorders. 


Chamomile – This is an herb that comes from (daisy-like) flowers of the Asteraceae plant family. The presence of certain antioxidants called apigenin is known to cause a calming effect within the body, which in turn becomes an aid to better and quicker sleep. 


And some more – Echinacea, Clove Oil, Ginger, Honey, Turmeric, and more. 


3) Focus on consistently achieving better levels of relaxation, rest, and sleep 



Sleep is ultimately a form of deeper relaxation and rest, although all three are essential for maintaining a healthy state of body and mind in the short and long term. 


When it comes to daily living, people should regularly indulge in relaxation and rest albeit short or quick ones, to maintain good levels of energy until it’s time for bed. 


Here are some of the benefits of all three –  

  • Improves heart health 
  • Improves brain health 
  • Improves body health 
  • Improves your mood 
  • Reduces overall stress levels 
  • Improves concentration and memory 
  • Allows your body to repair itself 
  • Aids in better metabolism 
  • Allows you to dream 
  • Regulates body temperature and blood pressure 
  • Enables smoother secretion of hormones and important substances 


As mentioned above, CBD and Melatonin are great aids when it comes to helping a person achieve a good night’s sleep. 


4) Boost your happiness levels in natural ways only 



Holistic living basically entails enhancing one’s overall way of living and life through natural and sustainable ways only. When it comes to one of the biggest measures of most things in life, happiness, and levels of it found within people rank extremely high. 


Realizing this truth about life, and then creating one’s unique pathway of achieving and consistently maintaining it is perhaps the only main way of reaping the benefits of happiness in the life of an adult. 


Here are some scientifically-backed ways of naturally boosting happiness within a person –  

  • Smile more 
  • Laugh more 
  • Exercise often 
  • Listen to music you like 
  • Meditate more 
  • Pet more animals 
  • Nap/Relax/Rest/Sleep well 
  • Have sex 
  • Practice gratitude, humility, and kindness 
  • Take Short-trips/Holidays/Vacations/Workations (that’s right, these are the new deal in 2020) 
  • Talk to friends, relatives, colleagues, and sometimes even strangers 
  • Spend quality time with yourself 
  • Create/Join your community of likeminded people 


5) LEARN to find joy in the little things for increased/better fulfilment in life 



‘If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment.’ — Carlos Santana 


Have you been spending so much behind achievement/success in your life that you forget to let your guard down from time-to-time to take in some sun, walk your dog, or take a dip in the nearby lake? If yes, you need to realize that in doing so, you would only reach your milestones/goals feeling much less satisfied than you’d earlier expected it to be. 


Anyway, the fulfilment of goals or anything else always precedes itself with a journey. And, if one doesn’t (strive to) find joy along the way, they will reach their end-goal with feelings of emptiness. 


Thus, as important as it is to plan for the future, it is equally essential to often take heed and savor the moments of life that are always and abundantly available as we move through life. 


Additionally, forming a habit of soaking in joy through enjoying the little things in life will help realign and then regulate your process of (naturally) receiving dopamine and serotonin, the feel-good or happiness hormones secreted by your brain/body. 


6) Practice mindfulness, compassion, and gratitude 



Being truly mindful, compassionate, and living a life filled with gratitude extends quite far beyond the spectrum of only practicing it within the boundaries of humans. This is because, as important as we (actually) are in the lives of each other for living the good life, there simply are a lot of other factors and things around us at any given moment. 


These factors and things, as we might call them, consist of physical things like our environment and nature, and metaphysical things like the forces of nature i.e., breeze, space, time, etc. Thus, to reach the higher rungs of tranquillity and peace in life, one must also take into consideration the metaphysical aspects of the universe. 


And circling right back to the start, such awareness, learning, and practice may only arise and may be undertaken as a way of living if one can be mindful, compassionate, filled with gratitude in their life. 


7) Always look to create/join a supportive community of like-minded people 


‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ – An ancient African proverb. 


Not everyone is lucky enough to have been blessed right from the beginning with a supportive and wholesome family, friends, and even colleagues. Even if they are, life doesn’t just end there. Because, as is much truly and widely known, life only begins at the end of or outside one’s comfort zone. 


As part of a group of like-minded people, you will that you have never been alone. Simply because the aspirations, dreams, and goals you saw for yourself was and is also seen by others. 


Furthermore, as an active member of a group of such similar people, you will not only receive the understanding and support you have always needed but also a healthy atmosphere and environment to learn and share new ideas, thoughts, and opinions. And all of this will only help you evolve and grow – as a person, and as a being. 



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Benefits of a Holistic Lifestyle 


1) Better physical state 


Through holistic living, one will find that their overall mood and levels of energy rejuvenate and increase. This means, no more waking up feeling tired nor trying to sleep at night and not getting the best of it. You will learn and understand a lot more about your body while on your journey, and because of this knowledge, and some more, you will know exactly how to take the very best care of it. Your body always/only deserves the very best simply because it is the ship that will propel you forward through every storm and take you to the places you want to go to. 


2) Better mental state 


The mostly-pseudo urban lifestyle that so many of us are born and sometimes forced to live within has ingrained several negative lifestyle habits in our lives. This statement can be attested by the fact that the overall numbers of people suffering from mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and stress are only increasing. Holistic living provides one with the necessary space, time, and energy to be resilient enough to tackle, and even ignore, all those things that won’t have a positive impact on one’s mental growth and stability. 


3) Better emotional state 


Once on your journey towards achieving the best and truest possible outcome of self-growth-&-prosperity, you will find yourself getting less and less affected by all of the things that once ticked you, irritated you, angered you, or left a negative impact on your emotions in any way. You will begin to find a renewed sense of stability and strength in your world within – a higher propensity to deal with anything that brings your emotions into play – which will soon also transpire to your world outside. 


4) Better spiritual state 


Spirituality is perhaps the biggest essence when it comes to living a holistic lifestyle. Through spirituality, one can learn everything there is to know about not only one’s self but also one’s world outside. Then becoming aware of and learning more about certain idiosyncrasies/laws of the universe is simply gratuitous. All of this, and a lot more, make spirituality the key to unlocking a lot that any individual can learn about existence, time, life, and many other thought-provoking subjects. 


5) Reduced pressure on all of our natural and non-renewable resources 


A huge part of a holistic lifestyle involves living as naturally and sustainably as is possible. This would require one to learn and understand more about how and where the things they regularly need and use comes from. For example –the food on one’s plate, or, the (wooden) furniture in one’s house. Subsequently, they will then know how exactly they can contribute (starting from an individual level), through acquiring all of the things they only truly need, and how to get them without harming anyone or anything else in return. 


6) Improved overall performance/productivity 


The levels of clarity you will receive while on your journey of holistic living will only help you reach your goals better and faster. What’s more? Your well-balanced life will also give you abundant boosts of morale and energy to also pursue these goals. You will begin to realize and see how you can do a lot more with a lot less. Your overall outlook will shift from needing more prerequisites and things, to optimally acquiring and using what you really need. If this is not the definition of increased performance/productivity, we don’t know what else is. 


7) Stronger immunity 


When you indulge in regular exercise, meditation, and other healthy and spiritual habits/practices, you will almost-automatically find your overall immunity and yourself becoming stronger. And going forward, this will only help you in becoming a more resilient being, no matter what enters your path. Strong immunity is an essential requirement for a healthy life because it will also give you what is popularly known as ‘the fighting spirit’. 


8) Greater propensity to deal with inflammation/stress-related (chronic) diseases 

Did you know that three out of five Americans suffer from diseases related to chronic inflammation? This statistic in itself attests to the fact that it is one of the biggest reasons why people suffer from various types of illnesses/diseases and therefore needs immediate and scrutinous attention. Luckily enough, upon much interest, research, and study into chronic inflammation, its cause, symptoms, remedies, etc. we have learned a great deal about tackling this impending issue. Apart from a good diet, exercise, and regular check-ups, Cannabidiol (CBD) has emerged as an extremely helpful plant-based medicine that can help people deal with chronic inflammation. 


9) Improved interpersonal/social skills and relationships 


Holistic living is a lot about opening yourself up to the best of everything that is and can be. When it comes to living a life of real fulfilment, social capabilities and relationships are found to be one of its most essential pillars. Realizing the true need for nurturing/supportive companionship and connections in life quite automatically allows oneself to open themselves up to seek and find just that. While on your holistic journey, you will soon see yourself being surrounded by the best of people who will only help you reach your goals in a more wholesome way. 


10) Creation of improved communities/societies/civilizations 


And what happens when you find and become an active member in a group of people who naturally feel a part of each other’s aspirations, dreams, and goals? That’s right, a community. A community of like-minded people is the next level and step a person should grow towards while on their journey of betterment and enhancement of living life to the fullest. When more people adopt the right ways, more of such groups/communities alongside it are also created. This in turn leads to the overall evolution of larger groups that are known to us today as societies and civilizations. 


11) Enhancement of our overall environment, habitat, and planet 


When all of the facets of living holistically are met with and followed as the only one-true lifestyle for a person (and the groups) to lead, we will begin to bear witness to the ultimate benefit of all – the enhancement and enrichment of our overall environment, habitat, and planet as a collective and a whole, and for much longer in the future. We will know the truth behind the rumors that have always been around – but, because of the aggressive urban lifestyle we’ve been stuck in, haven’t yet realized – that our planet has an absolute abundance in everything it has to offer for every single living and breathing entity within it, and more. 


To Conclude 


In the end, a holistic lifestyle is all about unlocking your true potential so you can live the best possible life with the best possible outcomes. 


By the end of this year and the beginning of the next, you should seek to have more knowledge and understanding about everything you are going to need so you may not only survive but also and more importantly – thrive – right through all of your time to come in your beautiful future ahead. 


Check this space for more information and easy ways that you can learn and apply to adopt a holistic lifestyle and improve your overall life. 


And while you’re at it, you can also check some of our natural, organic, and plant-based medicines to give you the necessary boost you need right here. 


Happy seeking, cleansing, and living to you my beautiful friend! 

The impact of bad eating habits on health

You must have heard, “You are what you eat”. This means that our body reacts to the food that we consume. Undoubtedly, food is essential for our body but what if the fuel you are providing to your body is not as healthy as it should be.  

Healthy eating habits with right types of nutritional foods are the key to good health.  Good nutrition consists of a balanced diet that includes essential nutrients such as minerals, proteins, fiber, carbohydrates, fats and many more. Before consuming food, it is a must that we understand what type of food our body needs? Let us delve deeper into the concept of the importance of nutrition for our overall well-being.  

How bad eating habits affect our health 

Our body acts like a machine. Its mechanism works on the food we eat. Breaking down of food in the body gives our cells the ability to perform their necessary functions. While being digested, the food involves absorbing of all essential nutrients and distributes them into the blood stream which further transfers the absorbed food into the blood vessels, coronary arteries and heart muscles.  

The types of food we eat directly affect certain organs of our body as well as impact our mental health. For example, the high sodium intake can cause the blood pressure to spike which could further lead to harder pumping of heart. This could eventually be the reason behind a heart attack or heart failure.  

Another example, we can consider is of endless and timeless snacking. Munching without knowing how many calories you must consume or without understanding its impact on your body can make you feel guilty. Mindless eating could lead to health conditions like anxiety and also may give rise to obesity and eventually severe health issues.  

Bad eating habits could make you face nutritional deficiency. In other words, poor nutrition could lead to: 

How does food affect the way we feel? 

As per some studies, a healthy diet has shown lesser risk of causing depression and related health complications. Healthy foods help in producing Serotonin that helps in regulating sleep, appetite and mood. Serotonin is produced in gastrointestinal tract which further connects with a million of nerves. These nerves not only guide the digestive system but also help in guiding our emotions. Further they act as a barrier against bad bacteria in body and limit inflammation.  

How does food help in preventing health complications? 

Many studies have found a correlation between food and physical as well as mental health. Eating the right food can transform one’s life to help in living longer. But how to inculcate healthy eating habits and what to eat in order to stay fit overall. 

Change does not happen overnight. To take a step towards being healthy physically and mentally, you should follow below steps: 

  • Consume a variety of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. 
  • Consume more whole grain and high fiber foods 
  • Keep track of your calcium intake 
  • Drink fresh water instead of acidic beverages 
  • Plan your meals ahead and buy groceries for healthy eating 
  • Avoid consuming processed and readymade foods 
  • Ditch the taste and switch over to healthy recipes 

Final Thoughts 

Though food and health are interlinked, you must consult your doctor before deciding on the quantities to be consumed per food item. To keep yourself fit, the solution is not to keep starving or craving your favorite foods. Instead, you should be able to identify the right food for you based on your health. Be sure to talk to your doctor/dietician/nutritionist before planning any diet for yourselves. 

Lifestyle Modification: All You Need to Know 


There are a number of core components that play a crucial role in determining your health.  Once you have understood these factors you can take your health into you own hands and make the changes you need to improve your overall wellbeing.  The most prominent factors are those linked with Lifestyle and Environment. That is because those factors are under your control and hence are a direct byproduct of your actions.  

When broken down, a simple day to day habit is what defines your lifestyle. If you make it a point to exercise and eat well every day, your lifestyle will reflect that. What’s important to note is that you only need 28 days of regular dedication to get this into place. From there, the process continually becomes less tedious as you keep at it every day.  


What are some of these habits you can consider applying? 

  • Eat whole plant foods 

As plant foods are rich in antioxidants and many useful nutrients, adding plant foods to your daily diet may improve immunity. Antioxidants can reduce the level of inflammation in your body by eliminating unstable free radicals and enhancing immunity.   

  • Eat more fermented foods or take probiotic supplements 

Natto, kefir, kimchi, and yogurt are some commonly known fermented foods that you can take to improve your digestive tract’s health. These foods are very rich in good bacteria, known as probiotics. Moreover, intaking gut bacteria in the right proportion helps the immune system differentiate between the healthy cells and the harmful cells.    

  • Limit added sugars 

Excess added sugar in your diet can cause obesity. Refined carbs may reduce your immunity or might not let your body improve immunity as they are responsible for inflammation in the body fit. People suffering from obesity are prone to flu, bacterial infections, and viruses. Limiting sugar intake also helps in controlling your weight, which further reduces the risk of chronic diseases and reduces the risk of heart diseases. 

  • Regular exercise 

Regular exercise is a way to improve immunity. Intermediate level exercise can help you to increase the effectiveness of the treatments of several bacterial and viral diseases. Moderate exercise plays a significant role in regenerating your immune cells and strengthening them while fighting against infections. Walking, jogging, cycling are some common examples of moderate exercise. Regular exercise can help you maintain your body weight and prevent obesity.   

  • Stay hydrated 

Hydration plays a crucial point in maintaining your overall health. It lets your kidney work smoothly. All this helps in presenting disbalances in your body.    


What are some other factors you can look at to improve your overall health and wellbeing? 

  • Track the time you spend while sitting 

As sitting is one of the primary causes behind health degradation, you must track the time you spend while sitting. That will help in making a conscious effort to reduce the time.    

  • Take frequent but small break sessions 

Taking quick yet frequent breaks can reduce the mental pressure at work. That will further improve productivity at work.  

  • Exercise every day 

Exercise is always good for health. Research has proven that including exercise in your daily routine can help prevent certain health complications, including cardiovascular conditions, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and many more.   

  • Introduce CBD to your lifestyle 

The modern world calls for stress, anxiety, poor sleep habits, and bad relationship status. While the above mentioned are the most common ways to boost mental and physical health, CBD should not be overlooked because of its potential benefits. CBD helps in improving your state of mind, overall wellbeing, energy levels, and confidence. Buy your CBD pack from Ingeni Health.  


Be it physical or mental health – maintaining both are equally essential for our overall well-being. With a sedentary lifestyle comes challenging health issues that can be treated with the right steps at the right time. The techniques mentioned above can help in mitigating the negative impacts of a sedentary lifestyle on the body.  


Impact of modern lifestyle on your health

Lifestyle is one of the essential health factors. It includes an appropriate diet, satisfactory physical fitness level and maintaining a healthy weight for a healthy living. Research has proven that several positive lifestyle factors can promote good health. Undoubtedly, one can’t change one’s genes or much of the environment around, but making educated and intentional choices can potentially add years to life by reducing health risks. 

An unhealthy lifestyle can lead to illness, disability and even demise. Ongoing medical reports show a significant rise in health-related issues like metabolic illness, joint and skeletal issues, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and obesity. To understand the factors that contribute to improved health, take a look at the below mentioned modern lifestyle changes that impact our health: 

Unhealthy Eating Patterns 

The diet we consume has a direct impact on our health. Diet consumption has been modified a lot as compared to the past. In this fast-paced world, we have little to no time for cooking. As a result, there is a huge shift from homemade food to frozen and preserved foods. This further leads to complicated health issues like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular problems and many more.  

Lack of physical exercise 

 A sedentary lifestyle leads to poor eating habits and less active bodies. Poor diet and lack of physical fitness together prove detrimental to health. But why are we lazier than the people about 50 years ago? The answer is technological advancements. It Is one of the major factors behind expanding the sedentary lifestyle and giving rise to health complications as we are sitting more and moving less. Moreover, these days our jobs have become deadline-oriented which causes a lot of stress. So how to release that stress? The solution is to exercise regularly.  


Getting Inadequate Sleep 

Sitting more in front of monitors and screens paves the way to sleep deprivation. For a healthy body, a person needs at least eight hours of sleep. Sleep helps your body in regenerating and restoring energy levels. Less sleep means producing fewer cytokines to help the body in fighting infections and further weakens the immune system.  

Technology Addiction and Aggression 

 As per a report by John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, using technology especially playing a video game for at least 4 hours, may trigger symptoms of depression in teenagers.  

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Some physical symptoms of excessive technology usage include: 

  1. Fatigue 
  1. Migraine 
  1. Poor Personal Hygiene

Emotional symptoms of technology addiction include:  

  1. Feeling of restlessness 
  1. Anticipating the next online session 
  1. Lying to friends and family on time spent in playing 
  1. Isolation from everyoneHow to avoid the adverse impact of modern lifestyle on us? 

Track the time you spend while sitting: As sitting is one of the major causes behind the health’s degrading, you must track the time you spend while sitting. This will help in making a conscious effort to reduce the time.   

Take frequent but small breaks: Taking quick yet frequent breaks can reduce the mental pressure at work. This will further improve productivity in work. 

Adopt Exercising: Exercise is always good for health. Research has proven that including exercise in your daily routine can help prevent certain health complications, including cardiovascular conditions, type 2 diabetes, obesity and many more.  

Introduce CBD in your lifestyle: The modern world calls for stress, anxiety, poor sleep habits, and bad relationship status. While the above mentioned are the most common ways to boost mental and physical health, CBD should not be overlooked because of its potential benefits. CBD helps in improving your state of mind, overall wellbeing, energy levels and confidence. Buy your CBD pack from IngeniHealth. 


Be it physical or mental health, maintaining both is equally essential for our overall wellbeing. With a sedentary lifestyle comes challenging health issues that can be treated with the right steps at the right time. The techniques mentioned above can help in mitigating the negative impacts of a sedentary lifestyle on the body. 



What is a Holistic Lifestyle?

What Is A Holistic Lifestyle’, You Ask? Just Read This Short Story. 

Not a true story, but a story with quite a bit of truth. 


You’re on your way to the highly-praised and widely-known motorcycle workshop in town; one that only accepts new customers through selective invitations they would only very seldomly send out. You’re glad that you’re finally close now to acquiring an assured – top-notch and fully-loaded motorcycle – something you’d always dreamed of possessing for yourself. 


You’d already envisioned what your dream bike would somewhat look-like. Also, some bits of how grand the workshop would look like and be. When you get there, you are somewhat taken aback by the overall simplicity and utter attention to detail and organization that seems to be pervasive throughout the shop. 


Soon you’re speaking to the one who sent you the invite and quickly become eager to check the massive display of their most amazing motorcycles; something that there didn’t seem to be much of in the main working area which also happens to be the biggest area in the overall complex. 


When you bring it up, you are reminded that theirs is a unique shop. Here they will prepare, gather, and assemble everything as per the precise needs and wishes of the customer i.e., right from the color of the paint job (obviously), the exact selection of the framework and mechanical parts, to the type of polishing the different surfaces would need or even length of the choke. 


You are intrigued. You’ve wanted the best for a long time. And it looks like you are going to get just that, perhaps even more than what you’d expected. 


The people at the workshop then inform you that there was just one caveat if you were to create/get your best and perfect motorcycle from them. It is that you would have to go through some lessons/training about some of the aspects of the bike along with some of the processes involved in its creation/transformation – from individual components to a fully-functional motorcycle – fit for almost any kind of terrain. 


Now you’re not entirely sure if you’ve come to the right place. But, at the same time, you cannot ignore the facts like their stunning masterpieces you’ve seen roaring on the roads that had always left you bedazzled, and that you’d waited two whole years to get through their gates. 


With some reservations still looming somewhere within, you agree to go ahead with it. 


Once you’re ready to begin, they give you lessons on the various components, assembly procedures, techniques along with the time some of the processes would take to create your dream motorcycle. They also take you through a wide range of options for varieties available for each of the aspects and components of the bike. 


You hadn’t entirely believed it at first, but you’d heard a variety of stories and seen the glow and sparkle in the eyes of some of your peers who had told you about the sheer brilliance and magnificence of this particular workshop. Halfway through your learning process, you’re already happy and more than gripped with the tasteful knowledge you were receiving. 


Soon, you begin to realize that you are now able to visualize your dream bike a whole lot better, and in a more wholesome way. This means, fully knowing (and understanding) not only how your bike is going to look with you on it, but also how it needs to function to give you the kind of performance you’ve always longed for. 


Your well-informed and appropriately focused visualization has now given you the clearest picture of the perfect motorcycle tailored exactly to all of your needs, and just as easily, you are able to communicate it exactly the way it’s in your head to the ones who are going to create it for you. 


A few months later, when you’re informed that your bike is fully-ready, you can hardly believe how great it’s turned out to be. A lot more than what you’d imagined it to be. 


While soaking in all of the ecstasy and joy while on your first ride on it, you fully realize just how important it was to be able to learn and understand not only what it was you’ve always wanted, but also what it was you needed – something that wasn’t the case when you first stepped into the workshop. 


This as-true-as-it-can-possibly-get feeling then makes you take a sacred vow to yourself that going forward, you will not only apply this process of learning and understanding before indulging in the maintenance of your brand-new bike – which as informed by the people at the workshop that bikes are different than other motor vehicles in the sense that it will not deplete in overall quality if properly looked after – but also to every other department of your life. 


Ten years later, as you’re cruising through the Grand Canyon having just attended a nationwide seminar as one of its main panellists’’, you realize deep within your heart that on that particular day, when you entered that workshop for the first time, you made all the right choices. Your smile broadens as your whole being smoothly eases into a state of bliss – a truly heightened state you only recently discovered to be as real as the same flawless and unscathed motorcycle you’d ridden out of the workshop a decade ago. 


Now, replace creating your dream motorcycle with creating your dream life, and the workshop with the main pillars of your existence – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, and you’ve got the ultimate blueprint for creating the most appropriate, tailor-made, and a perfect holistic lifestyle for yourself. 

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