CBD and Weight loss: Facts and Myths

CBD and Weight loss: Facts and Myths

CBD Weight Loss Myths Facts

Weight loss is often a top priority when it comes to lifestyle choices. With careers becoming more and more sedentary, keeping off the excess weight is becoming increasingly difficult.

Obesity is a national crisis, with the CDC reporting that 42% of Americans are afflicted with the disease. Could CBD be the answer to our weight problems once and for all? Let’s find out.

Cannabidiol oil and weight loss

The greatest myth about CBD is that Cannabis and cannabidiol are thought to be a psychoactive drug that makes you feel relaxed and increases your appetite. The facts are that people consume CBD or cannabidiol products for a wide variety of reasons Many researchers suggest that CBD could help resist insomnia, focus better, and help in weight loss. CBD and morbid weight loss may be interlinked because of the compound’s effect on the body’s endocannabinoid system.  It is a system of cannabinoid receptors, which are affected by chemicals called cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids are produced in plants and animals. In cannabis, CBD is also a cannabinoid, and consuming these compounds may positively affect the cannabinoid system, helping in keeping the body’s circulatory, digestive, nervous, and emotional systems in a state of balance. This state of equilibrium is called homeostasis. 

According to this theory, when the body has more fatty tissue stored in it, it develops more cannabinoid receptors. For us, this means that CBD may have a more significant balancing effect, the implications of which could include experiencing changes that could help with regulating your appetite and weight. Since our weight is predominantly dependent on what and how much we eat, CBD may significantly help us balance our routine and diet and reduce weight gain.

Does CBD Make you Hungrier?

The fact is that CBD may help you reduce your appetite. A study conducted in 2018, conclusively found that using CBD products regularly could encourage the body to block specific receptors that make you feel hungry. Theoretically, preventing snacking and overeating. This study also said that using CBD regularly may also help in decreasing appetite. This decrease in weight, however, is very rarely unhealthy.

CBD is also believed to promote the breakdown of fats within the body, helping in reducing body fat stored under the skin. One study also found that using CBD oil essentially enhances a process called “browning,” which means the conversion of white fatty tissues into brown fat, which is essentially denser, leaner, and healthier. This study conclusively proved that there was considerable potential for CBD to be an excellent therapeutic agent, one that is also useful for preventing obesity. In a country like the USA, where obesity is a real problem, CBD may give us viable solution.

Is CBD enough by itself?

Cannabidiol and other CBD products are not full-time medications for reducing weight. CBD is a supplement and used in addition to a healthy lifestyle. It is not a replacement for other healthy choices like exercise and a regular balanced diet. What you eat and your daily physical activities still play a crucial part in maintaining general health and stable weight.

A healthy weight is not about being too thin, either. It is about having the right weight for you and supporting your body’s natural processes. For most people, regular physical activity; intake of fresh fruits and vegetables; regular consumption of whole-grain cereals and bread; protein choices like lean meats, eggs, and pulses; drinking adequate water, and getting a good night’s sleep is a part of a healthy lifestyle. All these steps can help you maintain healthy body weight for yourself naturally. However, it might still be a smart idea to use CBD now and then to give you that helpful and motivating boost to keep yourself healthy. As part of a healthy lifestyle like this, you may choose to take CBD daily to help you along the road towards a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Hemp oil and its weight loss benefits

The use of hemp oil for natural weight loss is also prevalent because these oils and tinctures are very convenient and easy to use. Hemp oil is also in demand because it has no known side effects and is a natural product Many CBD oils are entirely organic and are easily absorbed into the body, unlike some tablet supplements for weight loss, which usually have added chemical ingredients and preservatives. 

Although the usage of hemp oil is preferred by people trying to lose weight, tablets also have their advantages. Many people find the strong smell of CBD oil repulsive, and the application process of these oils messy. CBD oils are also not very appealing due to their sticky and viscous nature. In these cases, the use of tablets or pills, which can be swallowed easily and conveniently, is a popular choice for many people. These tablets contain the same amount of cannabidiol oils but are infinitely easier to consume.


CBD is not a replacement for healthy lifestyle choices. It could be a supplement to healthy habits which can help you reduce weight faster. It is vital to remember that being skinny is not a sign of being healthy. You must choose your desired weight according to your body and stick to maintaining that weight without bending to social and peer pressure. We also encourage you to consult a doctor before using CBD as part of your lifestyle routine. This way, you can know that the use of CBD is not creating side effects for you by reacting with other prescribed medications.

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