CBD & Libido – A Healthy Love Affair(?)

CBD & Libido – A Healthy Love Affair(?)

As our bodies weather the years and grow older, we realize that high levels of energy and performance are a major bonus in the days of youth. But, in today’s world of higher availability of better information, advancements in technology, and overall evolution and up-gradation of living standards, this kind of thinking doesn’t apply nor fly.

Today, we have an abundance of all the resources we could ever need to lead a much healthier and fruitful life, so if people are ready to give up too soon, it’s only because they’re unaware or lazy to be and do better.

However, one department of life always tends to stick its neck out when it comes to maintaining higher levels of energy and performance. That’s right, in the bedroom.

Quite increasingly, CBD has emerged as one of the premiere-most plant-based medicines in helping people with various health-related issues.
In this blog, we will discuss how CBD may help with libido and some other aspects related to sexual wellness.

What is CBD?

What_is_CBDCBD or Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in certain varieties of the cannabis plant. CBD is different from the other popular chemical compound found in cannabis known as THC. The main difference to note is that unlike THC, CBD can never intoxicate you or get you high – something that is highly associated with marijuana or weed consumption.

Furthermore, CBD is known to have a variety of health and therapeutic benefits. Some of the main ones include anti-inflammatory effects, calming and relaxing sensations, and regulatory effects through the ECS (endocannabinoid system).

CBD works in humans because of the ECS, which is spread across various parts of the body. Through its interaction, it sets off a variety of other functions that the body needs to maintain a good level of homeostasis.

Can CBD Help with Libido?


In truth, compared to several other medicines, pharmaceuticals, and even THC, CBD has received lower overall levels of inquiry, research, study. Although, considering the increased awareness and the passing of specific laws (US Farm Bill 2018) in its favor, scientific knowledge of CBD and its various therapeutic benefits are also increasing.

Thus, what we know as of now is mostly based on real stories from real people who have used CBD to improve their health and wellness.

Research has found that along with particular regions in the brain, the ECS is also found in and around our reproductive organs. This suggests that CBD has precedent to work its magic when it comes to certain functions involved in sexual wellness.

CBD’s most general effect in our body is that of a calming/relaxing sensation. This particular trait has helped many people better deal with anxiety, depression, social well-being, and more. We know for sure that anxiety and depression, along with inabilities to maintain one’s social well-being, have been strongly linked to an overall decrease in libido and sex drive.

Thus, theoretically, CBD can reduce the impact of such hindrances that directly affect sexual wellness and allow people to be more comfortable in romantic situations.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, ability to control/regulate blood pressure, improve blood flow, and more may also further help in reducing any other hindrances that may lead to certain (direct or indirect) sexual problems.

How Else Can CBD Help with Libido & Sexual Wellness?


CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects are useful because they lead to a relaxation in blood vessels along with an increase in blood flow. Thus, it may also help with Erectile Dysfunction(ED) by enabling increased blood flow to the penis.

CBD is increasingly being used as a topical. But more to the domain of sexual wellness, it is also being infused and used with lubricants – substances that allow for smoother sex. This is because the skin is permeable to the therapeutic substances found in CBD.

Additionally, lubricants are used to reduce the growth, spread, and effects of burns, inflammation, pains, and rashes sometimes associated with sex. These also happen to be some of the main benefits of CBD. So, a combination of CBD and lubricants certainly makes sense.

CBD is also increasingly being infused and used with different types of (skin) lotions and salves found in several cosmetic/skincare stores because of some of its properties related to skin health.

Various cultures worldwide have long used cannabis as an aphrodisiac or as a means to increase overall arousal and pleasure. This is because compounds like CBD, THC, terpenes, and more, have properties that may activate certain regions in the brain associated with giving us pleasure.

To Conclude

Cannabis, humanity, and sexuality have had a long history in our world. It has been abundantly used in various forms to improve one’s overall life by providing several benefits.

It is mentioned in the Atharva Veda – one of the books that defined Hinduism that still serves as a guide to better living – that cannabis is one of the five most essential and sacred plants given to us by the Gods as a gift so we may also witness happiness and good health in our lives.

One last thing, if you’re going to try/use CBD in your bedroom, please do so safely.

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