Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a conversational therapy and is also known as psychotherapy, where you talk with your mental counselor. This therapy is designed structurally, including different sessions. If a person is undergoing some mental disorders or stress, then this therapy can prove to be very beneficial in this case.  

There is no particular reason for having this therapy because it is used to treat a variety of disorders like mental disorder, stress, negative thinking, loneliness, etc. This therapy is designed in such a way that it quickly identifies the issue and starts working on fixing that issue. Since it is divided into sessions, it is easy to attend without disturbing your daily schedule.  

At the time of CBT, there is a little risk that you might feel uncomfortable or emotional. The reason behind this is that it involves exploring your past and which can be very painful for some people who have faced some difficulties in the past.  

It is observed that this therapy lasts for the short term, i.e., 5-20 sessions. Since it is very flexible therapy, so you can easily discuss the sessions you need with your therapist.  

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