Chronic Inflammation - Consequences and Ways to Treat Them

Common Diseases Caused by Chronic Inflammation and How You Can Treat Them Better!


Three out of five Americans suffer from diseases directly related to chronic inflammation in the body. In recent times, when it comes to the discussion of maintaining an overall healthy state of body and mind, chronic inflammation has consistently been coming up.

So much so that it is now completely impossible to ignore its overall role in causing a variety of other issues in the body.

Today, we are sure that chronic inflammation significantly contributes to a slew of illnesses/diseases that most likely wouldn’t have otherwise occurred in individuals if it wasn’t for its presence.

But there is also good news, not only can chronic inflammation be detected within the body but it can also be treated – if and when addressed appropriately and in good time.

What is Inflammation?

What-is-inflammationNow, don’t get into how this word might look like or sound, because inflammation is a biological and natural troubleshooting process kick started by our immune system whenever some foreign/harmful substances or particles enters our bodies.

The process of inflammation includes the secretion of an army of protectors in the form of antibodies, increased blood flow, proteins, white blood cells (WBCs), etc. to all of the areas in and around the affected area(s), as a fighting response to the harm that may arise as a result of the foreign/harmful intruders.

What Are the Main Types of Inflammation? 

There are two main types of inflammation that occurs in our bodies. They are acute inflammation and chronic inflammation.

  • Acute Inflammation 

Acute inflammation is a short-lived repair response that occurs in all living things with an immune system along with a few other biological parts. Throughout of lifetime, even if we don’t realize or know it, acute inflammation was, is, and always will be pervasive. This is because our bodies are designed in a way such that it is naturally able to produce many of the essential substances/functions to repair itself.

Acute inflammation is directly related to our body’s (general) response to any kind of physical damage that causes any kind of injuries, cuts, wounds, and more. And, they usually occur over a few hours or a few days.

Some of the symptoms of acute inflammation are –

  1. Swelling in and around the affected/damaged areas
  2. Pain in and around the affected/damaged areas
  3. Redness in and around the affected/damaged areas
  4. Reduction/Loss in overall mobility/motor functions in and around the affected/damaged areas
  5. Warmth/Heat in and around the affected/damaged areas
  6. Fatigue (short-term)
  7. Fever (short-term)
  • Chronic Inflammation 

When inflammation occurs and prolongs within the body for longer periods i.e., more than what is usually considered as one’s stipulated/healthy period, it is known as chronic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation, without your knowledge and care, can linger within your body for months or years. This could then alter/change certain functionalities within your body as because of its persistent presence, your body (always) remains in a state of alertness to keep on fighting the looming threat(s) to it.

Furthermore, when left untreated for long, chronic inflammation could lead to (severe) damages to the cells, tissues, muscles, bones, organs, etc. within the body.

Some of the symptoms of chronic inflammation are –

  1. Frequent and/or prolonged fevers
  2. Persistent states of (mental and) physical fatigue
  3. Persistent levels of discomfort/pain
  4. Decreasing general mobility/functionality
  5. Abnormal abdominal and/or chest pain
  6. Increased allergies/(hyper)sensitivities/rashes
  7. Depleting/wavered balance in the body
  8. Increased weakness in certain muscles
  9. Frequent and/or prolonged bouts of nausea or diarrhea
  10. Increased and prolonged lower back pain/weakness
  11. Increased dryness in your eyes, nose, mouth, and throat

What Are the Major Causes of Chronic Inflammation? 


There are several ways how/why chronic inflammation might occur, some of them are –

  1. The overall process of acute inflammation did not work as it was supposed to i.e., elimination of the threats while also healing the damaged/infected area in what would normally take a few hours or a few days.
  2. Prolonged and untreated injuries, cuts, wounds, etc. – Bob Marley passed before his time because he chose not to treat his leg wound.
  3. Autoimmune disorders – A body’s immune system mistakenly perceiving, identifying, and targeting its own (healthy) cells, tissues, parts, organs, etc. as a threat.
  4. Prolonged or long-term exposure to harmful (chemical) substances – These include industrial chemicals, smoke, severely polluted air, dust, smog, chemical vapors, etc.
  5. A high potential risk for allergies/sensitivities – People who experience frequent allergies/sensitivities like food allergies or issues caused by sensitive skin are more prone to chronic inflammations.
  6. Autoinflammatory diseases or genetic disorders – Problems associated with these can not only compromise the immunity system and its functionality but can also affect several other vital systems essential that are essential for maintaining homeostasis in the body.
  7. Obesity – Chronic inflammation is only one of the many severe effects of abnormalities in weight.
  8. Chronic stress – Stress, if left untreated for a while, may turn into (different forms of) chronic stress which in turn leads to autoimmune disorders and other interrelated diseases.
  9. Alcohol/Smoking/Drugs – Regular consumption of these alters our bodies over time with the (adverse/negative) effects lasting for long periods.
  10. Unhealthy diets – Regular consumption of processed/high-sugar/fatty/fried foods adds a lot of pressure to the digestive and other vital systems in the body. This not only increases the overall scope for additional issues but also increases the overall time required to heal.
  11. Old age – When our bodies become older, a lot of our otherwise-normally functioning systems tend to slow down. This causes an overall reduction in the propensity of the body to fight back, while also increasing the time it would otherwise take to heal/recover.
  12. Compared to acute inflammations, it is difficult for a normal person to gauge if they’ve been suffering from chronic inflammation. This is because the symptoms or markers of chronic inflammations that act as indicators/measures of it are a lot more subtle or a lot less obvious than those of acute inflammations.

However, because of today’s increased research and advancement into the subject, one can easily determine if they’ve been suffering from chronic inflammation or not. All they have to do is take a blood test to determine the levels of C-Reactive Protein (CRP) in their blood – one of the main biomarkers/indicators of (persistent) inflammation in the body.

Higher levels of CRP indicate that the particular person is suffering from some kind of (chronic) inflammation, which then gives a healthcare partitioner the incentive to dig deeper and identify the exact problem and area of damage/infection.

What are the Most Common (Major) Diseases Associated with Chronic Inflammation?

  1. Diabetes
  2. Asthma
  3. Cancer
  4. Cardiovascular Diseases
  5. Thyroid Diseases
  6. Kidney Diseases
  7. (Rheumatoid)Arthritis
  8. Allergies/(Hyper)sensitivities/Rashes
  9. Multiple Sclerosis
  10. Alzheimer’s/Dementia

How you can Treat Such Diseases Better?

  1. An anti-inflammatory and nutritious diet
  2. Anti-inflammatory supplemental aids
  3. Regular check-ups
  4. Regular exercise/fitness routines
  5. A healthy, holistic, and happy lifestyle

To Conclude

The advent of the novel coronavirus has driven us all towards realizing the importance of always putting our health first. As discussed above and as is widely known today, chronic inflammation has been one of the deadliest silent-killers to affect our bodies in the short and long runs.

Dealing with it in the right way and at the right time is one of the most crucial elements of beginning one’s journey towards truly living a healthy, holistic, and happy life.

Every journey begins on the inside, and if the insides are in its best working conditions, it is only a matter of time before everything on the outside will begin to reflect it too.

At Ingeni, we provide a wide range of organic products containing CBD and Melatonin – two naturally occurring products that tremendously help regulate one’s system in a highly beneficial way.

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