The term 'Cytokine' originated by joining two Greek words together; it means cells' movement.

Cytokines are the term that collectively represents some specific proteins, peptides, and glycoproteins. They are secreted by immune system cells and are distributed throughout your body, which is further released in tissues directly or indirectly.

Cytokines are generally circulated in picometer concentration, but their size can increase up to a thousand times in case of some trauma or infection. The Cytokine's main objectives are to signal molecules and ensure cell communication, generally in the area of immune responses, and promote the movement of cells towards the active sites of infection, inflammation, trauma, and hematopoiesis.

In women, Cytokine is also seen to play an active role in processes including ovulation, menstruation, and pregnancy; thus, they play an essential role in maintaining a person's overall health.

Cytokines are also seen to maintain the balance of immune responses between humoral and cell-based. Hence, they contribute to the regulation of maturation, growth, and responsiveness of the individual cells. Even some of them can enhance or inhibit the action of other cytokines. Sometimes cytokines can be hazardous to one's well-being when they are secreted in some unnatural way.


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