Diabetes indicates that your body is unable to convert blood sugar into energy. Glucose or sugar reaches your body in the form of food you consume, which is then made available to the body's cells to be used as energy by a hormone called insulin. In a healthy individual, enough insulin is secreted by pancreas' cells known as islets.  

 When the pancreas fails to meet the demand for insulin, the consumed glucose fails to reach the cells. It causes an increase in the amount of blood glucose. High blood sugar has many effects on your body, such as cells experience a lack of oxygen and nutrients, the immune system becomes weak, and the development of inflammation in different body cells.  

All these factors together contribute to hinder your body's healing ability.  

It causes the most superficial wound to develop into a disaster. People with diabetes have to watch their whole body but have to take extra care for their foot as a slight cut or wound will take no time to develop in foot ulcers.  

 Neuropathy is another issue that arises due to the high concentration of sugar in the blood during the greater risk of infections. The immune system's poor performance, and low blood circulation system are other predictable diabetes outcomes.

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