Does Yoga Really Help with Libido and Sexual Wellness?

Does Yoga Really Help with Libido and Sexual Wellness?


A recent survey has revealed that Americans between the ages of 20 and 24 aren’t turning on the heat as much as people did back in the 60s-70s. Yes, everyone in our parents’ age group – with them included too, had a lot more sex in their days than us in ours.

This may not come off as a complete surprise considering the fast-paced nature of life, rising rates of anxiety and depression, stressful work environments, rat-race for money and survival, changing/morphed scape of social interactions, and just the general overload of information we find in our world today.

But all hope is not gone. It never is, and it never will be.

There is always a way. There always are other doors. No matter what.

One such door – or rather a huge-and-massive-universal-gate-for-one-and-all – is yoga.

Nobody does not know it. It’s just not possible. They may not be aware of the yoga they’re doing, but everyone is doing it at some level.

And that’s exactly what a massive chunk of yoga is about, awareness.

Once you’re aware and ready to put in the effort and work through consistent learning and practice, well then along with many other things in life, the sex will also come through in a never-before-seen-or-witnessed light, intensity, strength, and whatnot.

In this blog, we will discuss how yoga can (most definitely) improve your overall libido and sexual wellness.

What is Yoga?

What-is-YogaDeeply steeped in religious and spiritual doctrines like Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism, yoga may be elusively defined as a broad health and wellness concept/practice whose origins can be traced back to ancient India.

Yoga is a broad concept because it ultimately involves tending to the pivotal pillars of existence and life – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states.

This is because, as a practice, yoga is the cultivation of discipline and focused fulfillment of a variety of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual practices.

The end goal is – – – well, there really isn’t one. Not that anyone is aware of anyway. Even if there/they were, no number of feelings or words might do any justice for that person’s experience to be accepted as the one-true attainment. It is simply and entirely different for everyone, just like anything else in life.

And that’s how we see yoga as a journey rather than some end goal. And just like how everyone is unique, everyone’s journey is too. Health, happiness, fulfillment, etc., along the way are just gratuitous with yoga as a way of life.

Thus, yoga is nothing but a set of practices brought together by your awareness, eagerness, and an innate desire for a healthier and happier life, existence, and beyond.

How Can Yoga Help with Libido and Sexual Wellness?

How-Can-Yoga-Help-with-Libido-Sexual-WellnessComing back to libido and sexual wellness, yoga can help you boost and enhance yours (and your partner’s) through the following ways –

Yoga is about being and becoming more aware of your being as a whole. Improved and increased awareness helps reduce anxiety levels, which is a significant hindrance in maintaining libido and sexual wellness.

Through the improved/increased awareness, you will find that your overall blood flow also increases. This is beneficial to people of all genders as blood flow is vital to a smoothly functioning internal system. In men, it reduces the chances of erectile dysfunctions.

Yoga helps realign and strengthen muscles all across your body because almost all of them are active and in use during practice. A more robust muscular structure will help you enjoy a lot more in the sack because many of the muscles involved in sex are the same ones being exercised through yoga. And muscles host vast colonies of nerves and nerve endings that, among others, transmit and transpire signals of pleasure.

Yoga helps boost several hormones and substances in your body that make you look and feel happier, healthier, stronger, more resilient, more connected (internally and externally), more positive, and most of all – easier to live in the moment. What are these if not essential requirements for better and more profound connection/relationships/sex?

At the most basic level, you will realize that it is essential to maintain certain levels of physical health and fitness to consistently and fruitfully perform at your desired levels as you grow and evolve. Yoga helps you maintain your physical well-being by channelizing your overall energy and spirit and directing it to where it is needed most.

As a whole, yoga helps boost your self-confidence, self-esteem, morale, spirits, energy levels, motivation, desire, etc., while simultaneously reducing your ego, anger, anxiety, frustration, and other blockers/hindrances essential for overall well-being. But do not just take our word for it; try it out for yourself.

To Conclude

Yes, if you want to, you can certainly refer to yoga as a hack to achieve a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. However, this in no way should dimmish or undermine the beautiful gift that it has been, is, and will be for us.

There certainly are a lot of ways through which you can enhance your overall life; yoga ranks high in any such conceivable list. And when it comes to libido and sexual wellness, it perhaps is the best-known way of naturally enhancing your experiences.

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