Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Set up a Home Gym

Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Set up a Home Gym


No matter what is the fitness goal and how long it may take to reach, we all want to get fit in the safest environment and at the cheapest price. Right? Today’s blog is going to focus on maintaining health and fitness by not burning a hole in your pocket and keeping safe from the ongoing pandemic.

Today our lives are not as normal as they used to be. Ever since COVID-19 has emerged, our daily schedule has hampered. No matter how careful you are at gym it does pose high risk of catching the virus. Gyms are indoors and when we workout in a limited ventilated room, maintaining social distancing becomes challenging.

While working out, we need to share equipment like dumbbells, treadmill etc. Also, when exercising, we breathe more rapidly and deeply which expel greater number of droplets. Consequently, we are exposed to more risk of catching the infection.

As now we are stuck at home and have almost limited access to gyms with guidelines suggested by the government, it is challenging to ensure that we keep safe while exercising at the gym.

To keep yourself safe, won’t it be good to set up a gym at home and that too at a low cost? In this blog, we are going to share effective tips on how to build a convenient gym at home which is not at all expensive in a safe environment.

Setting up a gym at home

Setting_up_a_gym_at_homeWhen we think of the word gym, what comes to mind is equipment. But little did you know, you can set up a fitness area at home without spending a hefty amount. Follow the below tips:

Home workout using home items – Yes, you read that right. Instead of buying heavy and expensive gym equipment, you can use home items to workout at home. Replace the equipment with the below-mentioned items:

  • Dumbbells – Bags of rice or beans or you can use filled water bottles
  • Medicine Ball – Basketball or a larger sport ball
  • Stairmaster – Regular stairs at home
  • Sandbag – A duffle bag full of books
  • Ab Crunch – Leg raise
  • Yoga Mats – A rug or a carpet
  • Resistance Band – Towel
  • Exercise Bike or Jumping Rope – On-spot jogging

Home workout without a trainer – Working out at home without a trainer being physically available feels tough but what if you have a virtual trainer and you need not waste your time in packing your stuff and leaving for your gym. Isn’t it amazing? All you have to do is join a virtual session where you get a trainer assigned for your online workout classes at home. Moreover, COVID-19 has made us adopt unbelievable ways to try at home for our well-being and safety.

Home workout simple exercises – If you are too lazy to join an online session also, you can try the below-mentioned workouts yourself:

Simple_Exercises_for_Working_Out_at_HomeHow to set up the area for your workout at home?

Setting up a regular fitness routine can be challenging but if you have all the essentials sorted, it becomes a habit. Customize your personal gym with the below tips:

  • Select a room – For creating your workout space at home, you should select a room that is not too high traffic. This will help you eliminate excuses for not working out. Look for the height of ceilings, ventilation of the room, the flooring so that there is no hindrance while you work out.
  • Paint your room well – When it comes to working out indoors, colors play a major role. Colors like green, blue, yellow spark the mood of a person, boost energy and spread positive vibes.
  • Set up a music player – To stay pumped through your workout, music helps. Therefore, you can set up a music player in your workout space to keep you inspired and motivated. You can use your smartphone also to play music while working out.
  • Install pocket-friendly heart rate monitor – Monitoring heart rate while working out is very important. It is an excellent way to keep track of your general fitness. This helps you keep pace with your exercise. As per Dr. Aaron L., the main advantage of using a heart rate monitor helps you in identifying how much effort you are exerting.

The Bottom Line

Summing it up, COVID-19 has brought lot of changes in our daily routine and one of those is working out at home in a safe and secure environment. Build your own home gym and maintain your daily schedule of working out. Design your exercise space in a way to keep you motivated and inspired. Creating a gym at home helps you get rid of the unnecessary expense of gym memberships too that at times you have to skip because of your busy schedule or bad health. In the comment section, do let us know how do you find this blog and share your ideas on setting up a home gym if we have missed anything important here.

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