Easy & Effective Exercises to Treat Symptoms of Arthritis

Easy & Effective Exercises to Treat Joint Pain, Stiffness, & Other Symptoms of Arthritis


According to the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention), 23% of America’s population suffers from arthritis. This means that more than 54 million people in America face some kind of discomfort on a daily level because of arthritis. (Source – https://www.cdc.gov/arthritis/data_statistics/arthritis-related-stats.html)

Arthritis – a condition associated with almost daily underlying pain, discomfort, and fatigue – occurs within people because of age and sheer negligence of one’s overall health and wellness.

Over time, we have found better ways of treating something deemed untreatable not so long ago. Today, the best approach is to blend natural techniques with highly efficient medical solutions driven through technology in the associated fields.

In this blog, we will look at some of the easiest, yet most effective exercises that may help you deal with different types of arthritis symptoms.

What Causes Joint Pain, Stiffness, and Arthritis?


Arthritis may be caused by the following –

  • Prolonged and untreated inflammation – The leading cause for most arthritis types is underlying and untreated inflammation.
  • Prolonged and untreated infections – Internal infections may develop into different types of arthritis depending on where within the body it occurs.
  • Untreated injuries – Old injuries can degrade the quality of muscles and bones when left untreated for long.
  • Obesity and other weight-related issues – Too much (or too little) can hinder normal muscle and body movement while also applying pressures to the bones and joints.
  • The age of the person – Wear and tear of bones, joints, and muscles is increased as one grows older because the body cannot repair itself like it once used to.
  • Sex of the person – Women are more prone to arthritis than men.
  • Family’s gene/medical history – Arthritis can trigger earlier in individuals whose family has shown a record of such issues.
  • Abnormal/Erratic metabolism – Rapidly increased or decreased metabolism rates may lead to a slew of different body issues; arthritis is one among them.
  • Compromised immune system – An immune system that cannot appropriately recognize and deal with issues within the body is a common cause of arthritis.
  • Autoimmune diseases – Issues related to autoimmune diseases and disorders wrongly target the muscles, bones, and nerves of one’s body, leading to arthritis.

Treating Joint Pain, Stiffness, and Arthritis Through Exercise


The good news is that with improved awareness and knowledge about your body and how arthritis may catch up to you, you can take steps to ensure a safer and more secure path in terms of wellbeing for yourself.

Among some other ways – like adopting a better diet, naturally learning to ease anxiety and stress, getting better sleep, etc. – exercise and a dedicated focus towards fitness stand to be one of the most effective ways of reducing overall taxation to the body.

These are the best forms/types of exercises that may significantly help you in better dealing with arthritis and its different symptoms –

  • Walking

Walking is perhaps the best exercise for those who have arthritis. Walking improves overall blood flow and, in turn, provides better oxygen supply to different parts of the body. Walking also improves your posture, body balance, body movement, joint health, heart health, and more. Additionally, walking also helps to improve your mood and boosts your essential hormone supply.

  • Relaxed swimming

Swimming is one of the best forms of aerobic workouts because it stretches your most essential muscles and soothing different joints around your body. Some of the benefits of regular, relaxed swimming are making the body stronger and more resilient, improving immunity, improving sleep quality, regulating weight, toning the body and muscles, and more.

  • Easy stretching

Stretching is easily one of the best forms of exercise to reduce stiffness in the body. Another significant part is that you can easily do all the stretching at home, even at work. With all the hours spent doing all the different types of jobs for all people alike, stretching to relieve tension in the body to relax better should be normalized. Stretching helps tone your body while also strengthening your muscles and easing joint pressure and pain.

  • Pilates

Pilates is the form of exercise/workout that improves the body’s overall balance and posture by strengthening, flexing, and toning one’s muscles. It also gives you better control over your muscle (movements) while also easing pressure on your joints. Even though Pilates has only recently emerged on the fitness grid, the sheer effectiveness can easily be witnessed in the people who practice it.

  • Yoga

The stiffness, restrictions in (normal) movement, fatigue, swelling, pain, and discomfort from arthritis are often troublesome. This can sometimes be a reason not to want to put in efforts to exercise, which turns the situation into a double-edged sword to our wellbeing. Yoga can free up movement and overall propensity to do and feel better and reduce pain and gift us with abundance in several areas of life.

  • Light strength/weight training

People generally pause when the words arthritis and strength/weight training are spoken in the same sentence. However, this is solely the case because of a bit of a lack of awareness. Joints in our body may work, function, and sustain longer only if our muscles are strong enough to allow them to do so. Stronger muscles ease the pressure off of joints while also providing a greater propensity to better deal with arthritis symptoms.

  • Cycling

Cycling not only pumps up the adrenaline in the body but also works towards nobly strengthening it. It works on several essential components of the body. But the best part is that it is easy on the body, more specifically, the joints. However, this is contingent on the type of bike you choose and the kind of stability it offers. Today, there are bikes created for all kinds of purposes and people to receive the best efficiently.

Some more ways how you can better deal with arthritis are –

  • Light hips, knees, and wrists exercises – To strengthen them joints!
  • Water-based exercises – What you do on land, do (better) in water.
  • Easy & flowy movement practices – Coordinated breathwork with flowy movement can alleviate many life’s problems.
  • And finally, do them house chores! – Keep yourself occupied and find joy in everyday living because that’s where the answers and solutions are.

To Conclude

In the words of virtually every doctor who deals with patients suffering from any type of issues related to arthritis – you need to exercise so you can feel better, not wait till you better so you can exercise.

Problems that arise out of ignorance, even on the basic levels, can sometimes cause huge issues in people’s lives. It is always important to be more aware, learn better, consult with the right people, and take your health and wellbeing seriously.

At Ingeni, we provide a range of natural, organic, and plant-based products to help you deal with arthritis and other issues that might catch you off-guard. Through our content, we aim to help you learn better and more about how you have the power to live your life better!

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