Five Yoga Poses to Enhance Your Libido & Sexual Wellness

Five Yoga Poses to Enhance Your Libido & Sexual Wellness

Yoga is a means and practice of becoming aware of our overall presence, coming back to the present moment – the only place and time where life truly exists and making the best out of what we’re given or have.

Yoga is capable of doing this by enhancing various components of your life and facets of your existence. It is capable of channelizing and harmonizing all the energies within you to work in coalition towards your best and truest sense of being – showering you with several gifts along the way.

One of these gifts is enhanced libido and sexual wellness or wellbeing.

This blog will see five quickfire yoga poses you can easily practice to improve your libido and overall sexual wellness or wellbeing.

Five Yoga Poses to Enhance Your Libido & Sexual Wellness

Here are five of the easiest and the best yoga poses you can practice at home to improve and enhance your libido and sexual wellness –

Downward Facing Dog Pose


This pose activates and works towards strengthening almost all of the essential muscles in your body. The elongation and stretch of your spine and compression and pressure on your abdomen area help your body and mind gain a higher overall propensity by calming your mind and strengthening your body. This pose also improves general blood circulation and aids in maintaining a healthy bowel system. Additionally, it also helps in toning your muscles, improving body balance and posture, releasing tension in your body, and increasing your confidence.

Cat & Cow Pose

CAT_COW_POSEThis combination of poses is highly beneficial in gaining better control over and strengthening all those areas – especially the pelvic (floor) region – that enable a greater and more intense orgasm. These poses also help you activate, bend, stretch, realign, and strengthen your entire spinal column. This helps in nurturing smoother channels to exchange energies and sensations because of the large number of nerves in the area. Additionally, this pose helps relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress and provide better control in maintaining sound emotional balance.

Bridge Pose


The Bridge pose is a regular part of people’s routines who love working on their pelvic floor, abdomen, spine, glutes, buttocks, and hips. This pose helps in activating the essential areas in the body associated with receiving better pleasure. Orgasms in both male and female bodies are better and more intense when their pelvic region is more robust and in their control. Additionally, this pose also eases digestive processes, alleviates your body from stress symptoms, and stimulates several vital organs in and around the abdomen area.

Happy Baby Pose

HAPPY_BABYThis pose’s name is most fitting because one feels innocent and youthful happiness when doing it. This pose is among a few other hip openers, which help increase the body’s propensity to do better and feel better. Activating, opening, and strengthening your hips helps in improving your overall posture, calming your body from anxiety and stress, strengthens your lower body, increases flexibility, and boosts happiness levels in general. This pose also works on other vital muscles like the pelvic floor, hamstrings, glutes, spine, and lower back.

Lotus Pose

LOTUS_POSEThe original name is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘Lotus Throne.’ A lotus can bloom anywhere and show its beauty even in conditions/situations that may be severe. But it blooms nonetheless. When practiced with the combination of meditation, the Lotus pose activates, stimulates, and strengthens your body along with your mind. It is also capable of awakening and harnessing your kundalini – which rests at the base of your spine. Through kundalini energy, you will be able to bring yourself to live in the present and reinvigorate and revitalize every other department in your life – libido and sexual wellness included.

Why should you practice Yoga?

This question can be answered by seeing some of yoga’s benefits –


To Conclude

There is no health or wellness of any kind if there is not a self. Of all the things we think we most certainly know, just being aware of the self and being able to observe life through it – brief as it may be – is definitely the surest fact out of the lot.

Why not enjoy the journey while we’re here and still possess the most beautiful gift called life? Yoga is nothing but a means and practice of connecting you to you, and the rest, as they say, is all up to you. So, don’t keep on waiting to improve your life, just improve your life. Practice yoga for a happier, healthier, and more fruitful life.

And remember, “The pose begins when you want to leave it.” – B.K.S. Iyengar

So, don’t wait anymore, just READY, SET, LIBIDO!

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