Glaucoma –The Eye Disease in Humans and Its Treatment

Glaucoma –The Eye Disease in Humans and Its Treatment

Among all the five senses, our eyes (vision) play the most important role. It is said that the majority of the things that we learn or perceive are through eyes only. Just like maintaining overall fitness, our eyes need good care. Today’s blog is going to emphasize how the eyes work, Glaucoma, its symptoms, and its treatment.

How does an eye function? 

How-does-an-eye-functionOur eyes perceive the object and when the light reflected from the object enters the eyes through the pupil. The light is focused through the optical components of the eye – cornea, iris, pupil, and lens and focuses the image onto the retina.  The nerve cells send messages along the optic nerve to the brain. The brain uses this information to create the vision of the two eyes.

What is Glaucoma in humans? 


Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that damages the optic nerves of the eyes and hinders vision. This may lead to permanent loss of vision. It happens when fluid builds up in the front part of the eye and puts pressure on the eyes and damages optic nerves.

How common is glaucoma? 

It is estimated that 3 million Americans are affected by this eye disease. Also, it is considered the second leading cause of blindness worldwide.

Who is prone to glaucoma – eye blindness/vision loss? 

People suffering from diabetes are at higher risk of developing glaucoma. However, it may affect people of any age and race. Other risk factors include:


What are the causes of glaucoma? 

The most common cause for glaucoma is the stocking up of the fluid in the eye. Our eyes naturally have an essential fluid called aqueous humor. This fluid provides oxygen and essential nutrients to the eye. With the building up of this fluid inside the eye, there occurs a pressure on the eye. As a consequence, the optic nerves get damaged and vision is hindered.

What are the types of glaucoma? 

It is mainly of two kinds –

Open-Angle Glaucoma – 90% of Americans are suffering from this type of eye disease. It occurs when the tiny way of letting the fluid come out of the eye gets clogged and hinders the functioning of the eye(s). The disease may go unnoticed for years as symptoms usually go unnoticed.

Closed Angle Glaucoma – This often happens suddenly. When the area between the iris (the colored part of the eye and the cornea (the clear part of the eye) is too narrow and clogs the drainage of the fluid. This leads to an acute elevation in eye pressure. Common symptoms of this type of eye disease include eye pain and headaches.

Lesser-Known Glaucoma Types: 

Normal-tension glaucoma – It is thought to be a part of the open-angle glaucoma because, in this type of eye disease, blind spots may appear even when your eye pressure is within range.

Congenital – When a baby is in the womb, he/she is likely to develop glaucoma if any of the parents are suffering from it. After the birth, healthcare providers may identify it and try to treat it at the initial stages.

What are the symptoms of glaucoma? 

Symptoms of glaucoma tend to come gradually. The most common symptoms of developed glaucoma include:


How is Glaucoma diagnosed? 

Mostly, an eye disease goes unnoticed. You are advised to undergo regular eye check-up to take care of your eyes. The specific tests performed for glaucoma diagnosis are painful and easy to do. They are less time-consuming. The doctor (ophthalmologist) will check your optic nerves to identify the condition and test your vision. Your eye pressure will also be checked with certain imaging tests.

How is Glaucoma treated? 

Several types of treatments are available in the market:

  • Eye Drops – These are developed to help in lowering the effect of glaucoma. It may reduce the pressure on the eyes and calm down the irritation.
  • Oral Medication – Your eye doctor may prescribe you some oral medication to help you with the eye disease.
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) – CBD may prove effective in reducing the effect of pain and pressure and uneasiness in the eyes. You can consume CBD in the form of tinctures and oil by adding it to your diet. You can also consume it directly by placing a drop of CBD oil under your tongue and leave for a minute before you swallow it. Try organic CBD products from Ingeni Health available at the best price.
  • Laser Surgery – This is the last option if the condition of the eyes is not recoverable with medicines and drops. Surgery helps in improving fluid movement and reduces the pressure on the iris and retina.

The Bottom Line

All in all, before taking any kind of treatment, you should get it prescribed by your eye doctor. You must keep a regular check on the health of your eyes.

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