Health Metrics


Sleep Monitoring

Track your overall sleep patterns to efficiently learn and improve your sleep cycles and quality over time. Our in-built heart rate sensors, motion detectors, and other leading sensory technologies can accurately determine how you’ve been sleeping – every night and on average over a specified period of time. Our watch and mobile application will not only display all your sleep metrics but can also help you with silent/smart alarms, bedtime reminders, educational content, and a lot more.

Blood Pressure (BP)

The ingeni wearable provides you with continuous blood pressure monitoring and recording capabilities making it easy to stay on top of your health. It monitors blood pressure 24/7 providing an average reading every 2 hours. Our easy-to-use Ingeni app uses colored charts to track your personal data and trends over time and monitors any changes., provides alerts and real-time notifications.

Anxiety & Stress Management

Track your anxiety and stress levels to learn your body and mind’s responses to your external environment. Our revolutionary sensor technology can help you determine even the most subtle changes to your physical, mental, and emotional well-being so you can start inculcating the appropriate practices to deal with any associated problems. This feature enables you to gauge changes like the ‘fight or flight’ response, sleep patterns and scores, levels of exertion, and more.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

Track your heart rate variability to learn the time variations between your heart beats. Understanding the difference between lower and higher levels of your HRV can help you gauge your overall health and well-being. This feature can also help you understand your body’s overall performance capacity and levels during and after your training programs and workouts.

Body Temperature

Track your body & skin temperature to learn any kind of changes happening within your body. For example, a higher temperature could be an indication of a fever or any other developing illness within your body. This feature can also be used to check your temperature levels during and after training programs or workouts

Blood Oxygen Levels (SpO2)

The levels of oxygen in your blood can be a great indicator to understand different types health & wellness problems. Measure the levels of oxygen in your blood to learn and know about any slight or major changes going on within your body. This feature can also help you understand your body’s capacity when it comes to defending itself against viruses like COVID-19.

Electrocardiography (ECG) Optional

Track your ECG to learn more about your heart, heart health, and heart rhythms. Our in-built electrode sensors can help you regularly track your heart’s overall functions so you can avoid problems like heart attacks, blood clots, irregular heartbeats (arrythmia), heart strokes, slow heart rate (bradycardia). This feature also helps you understand your heart’s electrical system better future .

Activity Metrics

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