It is a vital part of the brain and is found in the temporal lobe of the cortex. It is responsible for emotion, learning, memory and motivation. It is an S-shaped structure found in the temporal lobe and is packed with neurons. All the signals received by Hippocampus are sending from parahippocampal gyrus, cingulate gyrus, contralateral Hippocampus and diencephalon. It plays a vital role in controlling emotions, learning and motivation since it is an integral part of the limbic system. The entire Hippocampus is classified into three major regions and that are CA1, CA2 and CA3. Long term memory is associated with the Hippocampus and it involves a complex mechanism. It plays a vital role in the process of eye blinking, which is very necessary for learning. Neural plasticity is developed in the Hippocampus after eye blinking, which is very essential for learning. It also helps in regulating behaviour in humans. A study said that any damage to Hippocampus can result in serious changes in behaviour. One major role of the Hippocampus in the formation of a cognitive map. Mainly pyramidal cells are engaged in spatial navigation.

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