Libido and Sexual Drive Change During and After Your 40s

How & Why Does Libido and Sexual Drive Change During and After Your 40s


Living life is like running a marathon. Where everything is not about the race itself, but is also about the journey of preparation for it. While running the marathon, we need to conserve our overall energy to move ahead at a steady pace while also leaving room for a few bursts of energy along the way.

Libido and sexual drive are much like this. As our bodies grow older (and wiser), we begin to realize the changes within. Of course, different people will go through different experiences, but atrophy is inevitably at the crux of every path, no matter what.

As humans, we always strive to do better, push harder, and last longer. As organic and carnal beings, we have desires – guided by our minds and how we tend to look at things. As grown adults, we always look to express our desires in the best way possible.

Sex and sexuality are a matter of importance to living a life that is fulfilling and satisfying.

In this blog, we will look at how and why libido and sexual drive change as we grow older.

What is Libido and Sexual Drive?


Libido and sexual drive may be described as the overall volumes of sexual desire within a person. It is everything that raises the heat! Oh yeah! It does. It is the natural instinct that comes readymade in each and every organism on our planet. If it weren’t, well, we wouldn’t be, would we? Because without it, there would be no desire or need to reproduce and extend our species’ lifespan.

Libido and sexual drive are the innate desire that reproductive beings are born with. Through these, we develop and possess feelings of attraction, affinity, love, lust, and more.

They are the cumulative total of all that goes into our pursuit of pleasure, fulfillment, and satisfaction in our lives. Through libido and sexual drive, we can adequately appropriate our lives and enrich them in a way that would position us in places where we feel best about ourselves.

What Do Changes in Libido and Sexual Drive Post Your 40s Look/Feel Like?


In most cases, this is not a question to bring up with the younger folk because they haven’t quite experienced the other side of the growth spectrum yet. Because of this, several of them wouldn’t really care much for its definition.

But, as we inevitably grow in years, we begin to see different types of changes within the body. This is because, as we grow, there are a lot of different responsibilities and things that quite invariably enter our lives. These may affect how our bodies, minds, psychologies, physiologies, etc., have been used to performing. These changes then lead to a change in some of our abilities, functionalities, and maybe even desires.

As much as we hate to admit or believe, such developments in life lead to a change in our libido and sexual drive levels. But, there simply are so many factors to take into consideration when approaching this particular tenet – not to mention how different every single individual is, how they think, behave, and function – that finding a one-fits-all solution is difficult.

However, much of the roots of the problems point towards increased stress, aging, lack of energy and motivation, medication, anxiety and depression, issues or problems in personal relationships—which may also extend to interpersonal relationships within society, and quite a bit more.

All these manifest differently in different individuals. Some may experience a certain type of symptoms, while others may experience some other types.

Reclaiming Your Libido and Sexual Drive


Facing issues and problems as we grow is (more than) normal. And while people might fret more than they should, they must understand that there are solutions for a lot of life’s problems that couldn’t once be solved in this modern world of advanced technologies and medicines.

Here are some ways in which you can reclaim your libido and sexual drive –

1. Consult a trusted and well-versed doctor
2. Try CBD (already)!
3. Improve your awareness to improve your life
4. Implement a healthier lifestyle for increased happiness
5. Learn to deal with the seemingly never-ending pressures in life
6. Accept yourself and your situation and generate your motivation and will to do better
7. Adopt a healthier diet that will boost your levels of libido and sexual drive
8. Cut down on substances that increase anxiety and decrease your health, i.e., alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, drugs, etc.
9. Do what you need to do to get your beauty sleep! Try melatonin!
10. Include healthy aphrodisiacs in your diet!
11. Exercise and fitness are the answers to a lot of life’s problems!

To Conclude

To change your position or situation in life, you must engage in the processes of evolution. For there never was, is, or will be any kind of change without evolution. You’ve always had all of the answers within you. It is time to turn all the knowledge and experiences into something that will work for you. For everything else, we’re right here for you!

We want to help you achieve and fulfill all of your desires in life. We want to give the resources and tools to do so in the best possible way. And you will. You will run the libido race and WIN!

So, don’t wait any longer, just – Ready, Set, Libido!

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