Impact of modern lifestyle on your health

Lifestyle is one of the essential health factors. It includes an appropriate diet, satisfactory physical fitness level and maintaining a healthy weight for a healthy living. Research has proven that several positive lifestyle factors can promote good health. Undoubtedly, one can’t change one’s genes or much of the environment around, but making educated and intentional choices can potentially add years to life by reducing health risks. 

An unhealthy lifestyle can lead to illness, disability and even demise. Ongoing medical reports show a significant rise in health-related issues like metabolic illness, joint and skeletal issues, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and obesity. To understand the factors that contribute to improved health, take a look at the below mentioned modern lifestyle changes that impact our health: 

Unhealthy Eating Patterns 

The diet we consume has a direct impact on our health. Diet consumption has been modified a lot as compared to the past. In this fast-paced world, we have little to no time for cooking. As a result, there is a huge shift from homemade food to frozen and preserved foods. This further leads to complicated health issues like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular problems and many more.  

Lack of physical exercise 

 A sedentary lifestyle leads to poor eating habits and less active bodies. Poor diet and lack of physical fitness together prove detrimental to health. But why are we lazier than the people about 50 years ago? The answer is technological advancements. It Is one of the major factors behind expanding the sedentary lifestyle and giving rise to health complications as we are sitting more and moving less. Moreover, these days our jobs have become deadline-oriented which causes a lot of stress. So how to release that stress? The solution is to exercise regularly.  


Getting Inadequate Sleep 

Sitting more in front of monitors and screens paves the way to sleep deprivation. For a healthy body, a person needs at least eight hours of sleep. Sleep helps your body in regenerating and restoring energy levels. Less sleep means producing fewer cytokines to help the body in fighting infections and further weakens the immune system.  

Technology Addiction and Aggression 

 As per a report by John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, using technology especially playing a video game for at least 4 hours, may trigger symptoms of depression in teenagers.  

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Some physical symptoms of excessive technology usage include: 

  1. Fatigue 
  1. Migraine 
  1. Poor Personal Hygiene

Emotional symptoms of technology addiction include:  

  1. Feeling of restlessness 
  1. Anticipating the next online session 
  1. Lying to friends and family on time spent in playing 
  1. Isolation from everyoneHow to avoid the adverse impact of modern lifestyle on us? 

Track the time you spend while sitting: As sitting is one of the major causes behind the health’s degrading, you must track the time you spend while sitting. This will help in making a conscious effort to reduce the time.   

Take frequent but small breaks: Taking quick yet frequent breaks can reduce the mental pressure at work. This will further improve productivity in work. 

Adopt Exercising: Exercise is always good for health. Research has proven that including exercise in your daily routine can help prevent certain health complications, including cardiovascular conditions, type 2 diabetes, obesity and many more.  

Introduce CBD in your lifestyle: The modern world calls for stress, anxiety, poor sleep habits, and bad relationship status. While the above mentioned are the most common ways to boost mental and physical health, CBD should not be overlooked because of its potential benefits. CBD helps in improving your state of mind, overall wellbeing, energy levels and confidence. Buy your CBD pack from IngeniHealth. 


Be it physical or mental health, maintaining both is equally essential for our overall wellbeing. With a sedentary lifestyle comes challenging health issues that can be treated with the right steps at the right time. The techniques mentioned above can help in mitigating the negative impacts of a sedentary lifestyle on the body. 



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