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Ingeni Brand Story


Ingeni is a complete resource where some of the best practices and remedies for a happier, healthier, and more fruitful way of life can be found, learned, and adopted. Ingeni comes from the word Ingenious – meaning inventive, clever, brilliant, and resourceful – something we strive to be every day!

Ingeni Digital – Your Wellness Monitoring and Insight to your Health

Ingeni Digital Health Trackers tracks key signals from your body and daily habits to provide you the health scores. Our focus is to provide awareness and insights into your wellness to provide long-term health benefits and quality of life.

We place a high value on self-improvement through education and personal insights. Accordingly, our wellness application is designed to help you help yourself in the best possible way. Think about your goals through a broader lens, learn better from professionals, and earn long-term rewards.

Ingeni Health – Your One Stop Solution to Health Needs

Ingeni Health is an all-encompassing, organic, and natural health and wellness resource for all types of people from every walk of life and, yes, animals too. We love nature, and our animals form such an integral part of it.

Ingeni Health lays a prime focus on CBD (Cannabidiol) – a highly therapeutic chemical compound found in cannabis – which may be used as an effective means of improving one’s health and wellness.

Ours is a fully nature-driven organization. Thus, we’ve looked at it for answers and solutions for everything we do right from the start. Therefore, all of our CBD products and supplements best suited to help with anxiety, sleep, libido, inflammation, and pain are natural, organic, ethical, sustainable, and promote overall economic growth. We are always determined to provide premier yet affordable products to develop healthier communities along the way.