Ingeni Investment

Ingeni Investment

Ingeni Investment

INGENI a private US company uniquely delivers B2BC, solutions for proactive, automated, integrated health and safety monitoring that includes services to Seniors, Remote Health, and At-Risk employees, and members.

Ingeni subscription model provides for continuous access and upgrades to high-quality and latest technologies with pricing for individuals, families, and specialty health sensor applications.

Our Team has extensive experience in developing transaction-based systems having delivered innovation in payments with two of Canada’s largest Financial Institutions and bringing together experts in Data and Health.


$740 billion Senior

Care Market is Ripe for Disruption

Worldwide Wearable Payment Devices Market is Expected to Reach

$90.8 Billion

by 2028 ​Vantage Market Research

Hypertension & Cardiovascular Diseases are the Leading Cause of Death Globally, Taking an Estimated 17.9 Million Lives Each Year & Amounting to One Death every 56 seconds

$400 Billion

is the Cost of Preventable Heart & Lung Conditions to Employers & Health Insurers