Ingeni Pricing

Ingeni Health allows persons at Risk organizations, human resources professionals, employers, & care providers to utilize cost-effective, non-invasive sensor technology.


  • Real-time Monitoring with Dashboards

  • Improved Efficiencies with lower costs for our partners

  • Health Data Trending

  • Integrated Telehealth

  • Customizable User Health Vitals

  • Secure Access with a Digital ID 

  • Exception Reporting

  • Bluetooth Gateway connects up to 40 devices

  • Family members & peers can have access to health data

  • Financial Incentives promoting health & wellness habits for youth & corporate health plansIntegrated Telehealth

  • Daily Automated Readings for example Blood Pressure

  • Vitals


    • Continuous Heart Rate
    • Continuous Blood Pressure
    • Resting & Average Heart Rate
    • Heart Rate Variability
    • Stress
    • Blood Oxygen
    • Body Temperature
    • Fatigue


    • Daily Sleep Score
    • Hours Slept

    Activity & Exercise

    • Daily Steps
    • Active Minutes
    • Daily Fat burn
    • Select Multiple Exercise Types

    Sleep Profiles

    • Deep Sleep
    • Light Sleep
    • REM
    • Awake
    • Average Heart Rate During Sleep



    $25 CDN

    Order Now
    • Automated setup simply wear the device and let Ingeni provide your baseline data
    • Free Smart Health Wearable
    • Annual Upgrade to a New Device
    • All Vitals and Sleep with alerts and notifications
    • 12 Blood pressure readings per day
    • Continuous Heart Rate
    • Automation with Emergency contacts with alerts

    Enterprise Solutions

    Corporations and Senior Care

    Get in Touch
    • All the features of Individual User
    • Back-office reports for aggregated data
    • Exception reporting based on the business case
    • Automated onboards
    • Managed and setup alerts
    • Customized setup of data thresholds for vitals
    • Branded ordering page
    • Custom pricing


    $79 CDN

    Aug 21, 2023
    • All the features of Individual User
    • 2 adult and 2 child wearables with an easy link for data sharing
    • Family Plan add-on for Enterprise at a reduced price
    • Parents get access to kids’ data
    • Special reduced pricing for family members
    • Automated financial rewards and incentives for family members

    Ingeni Health Wearable

    With Fall

    Coming Soon
    • Detect Falls for seniors as well as loan worker
    • Follow-up call from call center
    • Optional GPS and 4G
    • GPS Fencing
    • New options to be announced
    • Easy upgrade to new features for existing users

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