Ingeni SEA Wellness Innovation

Ingeni SEA Wellness Program Sensors, Evidence-Based, using Algorithms for
awareness of Metabolic Health.




Diabetes Type 2


Cardiovascular Health


Sleep Disorders


Mental Health


Pratiksha Gandhi MD,

Scientific Advisory

Pratiksha Gandhi

Global Healthcare Leader, Serial Entrepreneur, World renowned Preventive Cardiologist, Author, Speaker, Researcher, with a mission to eradicate Cardiovascular Disease by preventing heart attacks & reversing heart disease using non–invasive cost effective treatments.

Recognized as one of the top women health professionals in 2017 by international Cardiologists.

Additional expertise in raw data from wearables for Cardiovascular, Pre-Diabetic care and other health issues detection and reversal.

Ingeni Health Wearables for Pre-Diabetes

Ingeni Smart Wearables provides a solution for early detection of Pre-Diabetes. This program is in its infancy and is being developed with leading health professionals. Clinical studies are currently underway.


Non – Invasive

No risk of infection and complications

Convenient and painless

Frequent & Hassle Free

Wireless data transmission

On Demand Measurement

Low Cost

Subscription base

Additional Health, Sleep and Activity Tracking


Early detection and intervention is key to Diabetes
prevention and reducing Cardio Vascular diseases

Frequent screening identifies individuals with high risk of type 2 Diabetes 2.2 years earlier

Pre-Diabetes harms your heart the same way that Diabetes does.

Extra sugar in your blood causes inflammation in your blood vessels and damages them.

Over time that can cause heart attacks and strokes.

There is no cure or disease-modifying treatment for Type 1 Diabetes mellitus. However, Pre-Diabetes & Type 1 Diabetes are reversible.