How Does Garlic help In Boosting Sex Drive?

Is Garlic helpful at Boosting Libido?

Garlic contains a compound called allicin (an organosulfur compound), which promotes blood circulation in the sexual organs of both men and women and hence, helps boost libido.

The results might not appear instantly but would surely; therefore, you must take a minimum consumption of garlic continuously for a month to see the benefits.

Does garlic increase libido in men?

Garlic is a rich source of many vitamins and nutrients required for a healthy cardiovascular system. It is also known to contribute to enhancing potency in men. In garlic, the allicin compound is responsible for maintaining healthy sperm count in the male body. Studies say that consuming raw garlic is even more beneficial, but it is absorbed in people; differently, and not everyone cannot eat it. Some of the common ways to consume garlic to boost libido include roasted garlic soup, garlic shrimp, or garlic bread. 

Does garlic improve libido in women? 

In women also, garlic can help to boost libido to a great extent. It regulates the sex hormone — estrogen — within the body of women. Studies have found that estrogen can promote sexual drive in females. Therefore, as the estrogen level in females’ bodies increases, their sexual drive also increases. Besides, the best part is its availability. Garlic supplements are readily available in the market. When these are taken regularly in an appropriate amount, they will be beneficial. To boost libido, you can take supplements like sun pharma garlic capsules, etc. 

In the case of both 

Studies show that garlic extractions of both water and alcohol are potent inhibitors when it comes to platelet aggregation induced by ADP and epinephrine. The dilution of garlic extract in a similar way can activate nitric oxide synthase in isolated platelets in vitro, and the same garlic extract can promote nitric synthase activity in placental villous tissue.   

In such a way, it increases nitric oxide synthase activity by consuming garlic extracts works in a dose-dependent manner and similarly increases nitrite level in incubated placental villous tissue supernatants. The activation of calcium-dependent nitric oxide synthase and the consecutive generation of nitric oxide is possibly the unique mechanism yet claimed by which garlic can put forth its therapeutic properties. 

Are there any side effects of garlic?

Side Effects of GarlicThough being beneficial for numerous reasons, it is always good to utilize garlic in limits. Here are some tips that you should know if you are consuming it:  

1. Pregnancy and breastfeeding:

If consumed in a reasonable quantity, garlic might not cause a problem for pregnant women. However, it is likely to be dangerous when consumed in medicinal amounts during pregnancy and the breastfeeding period.

2. Children:

It is a stated fact that the high consumption of garlic by mouth is not suitable for health. It can not only be dangerous but can be fatal in the case of children.

3. Bleeding disorder:

The risk of bleeding is high when you consume garlic, specifically fresh garlic.

4. Diabetes:

We know garlic lowers blood sugar levels; however, in diabetic  patients, garlic can cause decreased sugar levels.

5. Stomach or digestion problems:

If you suffer from any gut problems, including digestion issues, garlic might not behave very friendly to your gut as it disturbs the gastrointestinal tract.

6. Low blood pressure:

Garlic can be a relieving factor to high blood pressure, but with its excessive consumption, blood pressure can become too low.

7. Surgery:

After reading the above points, you must have understood how garlic affects bleeding, blood pressure, and sugar level. If you are going to have surgery, you should stop garlic intake at least two weeks before. 


If you want to look at the natural technique or foods to boost libido naturally, then garlic is something that you should consider try. The products of garlic not only boost libido but also provide several other benefits.    

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