Ingeni Health B2B2C
Value Proposition


Ingeni Websites & Mobile Applications support Awareness, Education and trust with Content from Ingeni Health and Wellness Professionals.

Outcome Quality of Life
Enriched Health and
Wellness of Life

Ingeni Mobile App Commerce Benefits

Customer Analytics + Awareness & Education =
Long Term Customers and increased spend.

Ingeni Health Digital Portal for
Wellness Professionals and Enterprise

INGENI is developing an enterprise portal paired with proven AI, Analytics for Fitness Trackers, Smart Watches from leading brands such as Fitbit, Samsung, Garmin, and INGENI DIGITAL.

INGENI works with Wellness Professionals and Enterprise to provide greater awareness of health and wellness across their organizations.

  • Health, activity, and sleep data from Fitness Trackers and Smart Watches

  • Education and awareness provided to users

  • Online Store

  • Integration with Wellness Professionals for value adds to users creating a stronger community and personal coaching for anxiety, stress, fitness, sleep, and other personal services

Ingeni Partner

Mobile users can share activity and health data with selected wellness professionals to support positive habits and outcomes.

Ingeni Customer

Our audience is searching for wellness, products, professional service and content providing education.

One Destination,Four Digital Experiences

  • Technology-driven Digital Health Platform supporting B2B activities for health and wellness professionals and enterprise customers.

  • Ingeni Health is a wellness company focused on quality natural products to help improve the wellbeing of a growing population.

  • We all love your furry friends! Ingeni pets would like to help you keep them happy and healthy, naturally.

  • Himeros Desire is focused on your sexual health and reduction of stress and anxiety. Himeros was the god of sexual desire or unrequited love.

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