Ian McNeill, President, CEO

Global Business Executive and entrepreneur in Payments, Software as a Service, Agriculture Trace Ability and Accountability in domestic and global markets. Most recent 2019 extensive time spent in Europe, Africa, and the United States for Cannabis market research.

Public and Private Markets experience as CEO and Director listed company Toronto Canada Venture Exchange.

Gordon Travis, CFO, Senior Vice President

Experience in innovations of m ultiple industries including Energy, Agriculture, Inform ation Solutions, Com pliance in N.A. and Globally Public and Private Markets experience as CFO and Director listed com pany Toronto Canada Venture Exchange



Dr. François Hallé, Chief Medical Offi cer, BSc, M.D./ MSc, MBA:

Leading speaker, researcher and practitioner with experience in form ulations, and advocate of the Preventive Medicine and Cannabinoids in Canada and Globally for over a decade

Jim Turner, Senior Vice President Canada Operations

Extensive experience as an entrepreneur and experience in Food Production, Retail Supply Management, and Operations



Stephen Raisner, Product Development:

Extensive Research, Development and Application experience in Natural and Regenerative technologies in Aquaculture, Agriculture, Product Development in the US and Globally



Dr Gaylord Waddell

Leading Pain Physician and Advocate and Past President and Director of Alberta Pain Society.

Additional Team Members

Ingeni Health has a diverse marketing team: Currently 10 professionals w orking to delivery a high pro le brand delivering high volum e on-line sales 2021 and beyond

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