Ingeni provides a powerful back office for partners to better manage relationships, and the tools for employees and clients to improve their health and wellness. Ingeni is a complete wellness program for persons at risk as well as health enthusiasts that care about long term quality of life.


Corporate Wellness
At-Risk Employment

Improve workplace Culture,
Wellness, Safety, & Mental



Keep seniors at home & out
of the hospital
Homecare and Assisted Living


Grocery Delivery

Access New Customers
Interested in Health


Wellness Coaches

Nutritionist and wellness
professionals provide new
custom services for clients

Employer Health Plans

Employer Sponsored Health Plans that provide Employee improved workplace culture &
measurable ROI using aggregated data showing initial employee baseline & improvements

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Health Wearable & App

The ingeni health wearable is a wonderful opportunity for professionals in the health and wellness field to provide clients and businesses with state-of-the-art health wearable which monitors your health data and provides invaluable insights and analysis into health and wellness.

Ingeni 4-step plan

Prevent & Reverse Metabolic Disease

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Diet App & Digital Scale

Are you interested in keeping the population healthy and optimizing home care and business processes?

Our reoccurring revenue program may be for you!

Ingeni health wearables

will transform the way you look at your health and the health of your employees and clients.

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