The Humanimal Bundle




Our unique Humanimal Bundle of CBD products is exclusively designed
by keeping in mind your’s and your pet’s wellness. We know pets are no
less than family and they need equal care as we give to our kids. The
package includes Ingeni CBD Oil for Pets and Ingeni Organic Full
Spectrum CBD Oil for Humans.

Our all-natural CBD-infused products are designed especially for pets.
Relief from stress and anxiety, chronic inflammation, joint pain, skin
ailments, improved digestion, and more are some of the benefits your
pet at home may receive.

Specially formulated for pets, our CBD may be used in a variety of easy
ways: It can be added to water or drizzled over food, given directly into
the mouth, or even added to homemade pet treats. The convenient
liquid oil and easy-to-use dropper allow for dosage control, ensuring
your pet is getting the proper amount of CBD.

For humans, our CBD oil comprises ALL-NATURAL active ingredients
that are known to alleviate discomfort, stress, and anxiety, ease aches
and pains, reduce inflammation, improve sleeping, and help with


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