The Calming Bundle




This full spectrum calming bundle of CBD products is aimed to provide
you with the best outcomes of your health. It is perfect to deal with your
sleepless nights and stressful situations. The package includes Ingeni
CBD Isolate Capsules and Ingeni Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

Ingeni Health’s CBD capsules induced with Isolate powder’s benefits are
for people who do not want to use CBD oil regularly. CBD powder is
super versatile and easier to consume, and it may work faster than other
forms of CBD.
These capsules are perfect for those people with busy lives as they are
easier to carry, reduce the risk of spillage, and have no distinguished
taste or smell.

Our CBD oil comprises ALL-NATURAL active ingredients that are known
to alleviate discomfort, stress, and anxiety, ease aches and pains,
reduce inflammation, improve sleeping, and help with recovery.


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